Witch’s Brew: Potion Station | Halloween Sensory Play Activity For Toddlers + Kids

I'm THRILLED to share this fun Halloween sensory play activity for toddlers and for kids of all ages: Witch's Brew Potion Station! It looks elaborate but takes under 10 minutes to set up and the clean up (if doing outside) takes under 5 minutes! Even better? It'll keep your toddler or preschool aged child entertained for HOURS!

Seriously, the first day we did this, my 20 month old spent 2 hours play with it!

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Table of Contents

Below you'll find instructions for setting up your Halloween sensory play staton, tips for making it your own, and a video tutorial of my toddler enjoying this Halloween activity!

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Video Tutorial


  • Fun shaped bottles
  • Cauldron – here's my Halloween DIY Cauldron – Dollar Tree Hack!
  • Food coloring
  • Vinegar and water
  • Baking soda
  • (Optional): Halloween themed goodies (I used a bone, spider, etc. and also just some leaves/foliage from the ground)

Step 1: Get your potion bottles + cauldron

I used some old, thick, glass bottles and vases we had around the house that were fun shapes (salad dressing, dollar tree vase, etc.)

Finding/collecting all of these was honestly the longest part of set up.

For the cauldron, you can use a store bought one, I just upcycled one of my Halloween Dollar Tree DIYs from this year: Halloween DIY Spooky Vase / Candy Bowl – Dollar Tree Hack!

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Step 2: Creating your potions

In the “potion bottles” (NOT the cauldron) mix a little food coloring with 2/3 white vinegar and 1/3 water solution

Step 3: Set up your witch's brewing station!

I'd suggest setting this up outside, that way you can just hose it down and clean up will take under 5 minutes.

The table I used was actually a baby-to-toddler activity center you can check out here.

I laid out my colorful potions, put the cauldron in the middle, and had a cup of baking soda on the witch's brewing station.

When my daughter came up to the station, I added food coloring to the cauldron, then showed her how to add baking soda from the cup, and pour in from the “potions” to create a fizzing effect.

I also had Halloween items on the table (bone, spider, eye dropper, etc.) and modeled using these items with our potion sensory play!

How long this Halloween sensory play activity entertained my toddler:

This kept her entertained for an HOUR in the morning, I moved it aside when she was done and after dinner re-introduced it which kept her entertained for ANOTHER hour!

How long to set up and clean up:

Altogether this took about 10 minutes to set up, under 5 minutes to clean (just hose it down and put bottles in the dishwasher!).

The water/vinegar solution diluted the food coloring enough that her clothes and hands weren't stained either.

All in all this was a huge success and I plan to do it again in a couple weeks!

If you do this activity with your kids, I'd LOVE to see it! Feel free to tag me on Instagram @theconfusedmillennial!


A fun Halloween Sensory Play Activity For Toddlers + Kids: Witch's Brew! Create a not so spooky potion station teaching colors, cause and effect, and STEM concepts to your toddler or preschool or elementary school kids! 10 minute setup, 5 min clean up!

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