Winter Pregnancy Announcement Photos: Baby Number 2

ICYMI, I'm pregnant with baby number 2! You can see how I surprised and told my husband that I was pregnant here! Anyway, I'm so excited to share with you the TWO pregnancy announcement photoshoot photos! One set of us three as a family on the beach, and another Christmas themed shoot featuring just the big sister to be!

I found out back in October and we thought about doing a super early pregnancy reveal for Halloween… but I also am someone who needs time to go process pregnancy alone. I really liked waiting until I was 4 months pregnant with our first baby to share the news.

Add in a pandemic, an election, and all the other craziness of a pregnancy in 2020 and… well let's just say it's been a lot of tears. Don't get me wrong, I was hormonal and emotional with my first baby, but this time hit a little different.

Butttt that's not what this post is about! This post is just a really cute and fun roundup of our pregnancy announcement photoshoot! We have some winter beach photos and some of just my toddler that are Christmas themed! Let me tell you, taking pregnancy reveal photos with kids is not easy!

Either way, I hope you enjoy our little pregnancy announcmeent winter photoshoot with the future big sister who couldn't conain her excitement!

Ohhh and because I know someone will ask: Yes we took all of these ourselves!

I just used my iPhone and this tripod. It's super lightweight, fits in our backpack, and has a little palm sized remote that's easily hidden. I use it for EVERYTHING. It's come to Disney with us (see those pics here!), across the country, and adapts to a regular camera or phone holder.

I just put E in the frame where I want him, take a test shot or two to make sure it's lined up and I know the frame well enough (i.e. if R decides to run away, are we still in view?), then join him.

DIY Pregnancy Announcement Photoshoot with kids on the beach in winter

DIY Pregnancy Announcement Photoshoot – Christmas Themed in December

christmas pregnancy announcement for baby number 2 with toddler
christmas pregnancy announcement for baby number 2 with toddler
christmas pregnancy announcement for baby number 2 toddler big sister
christmas pregnancy announcement for baby number 2 with kids
christmas pregnancy announcement for baby number 2