Meaning Behind My Blog Name: Why Am I The Confused Millennial™.

 Being The Confused Millennial, I often get the question what are you confused about? What are millennials confused about? Are we an indecisive lost generation? Or feeling the pressure of trying to be better than past generations? - The Confused Millennial


“What are you confused about?”

That's a question I get a lot. 

I am not sure if people are asking sincerely or trying to be “cute” on social media… but I think it's asked from a place of judgment rather than curiosity… as if I shouldn't feel confused? Like, aren't we all confused on some level about something? Whether its life, relationships, work, whatever…? Aren't you confused about something right now? I can't be the only one in a constant state of confusion!

But my typical answer:

“I am confused about everything and nothing all at the same time.”

Rarely satiates the asker. They want to know what I mean by that? How can that really be true? I seem to have it together, I am “exaggerating”,  or I am “too young to be confused”… blah blah blah.

But the reality is, I feel like there are confusing situations we face every single day of our lives, no matter what our age.

– Why do we live in a society that values punishment over rehabilitation and acceptance?

– Why do people choose hatred over seeking to understand?

– Why is forgiveness so difficult?

– What do I want to do with my life? What don't I want to do with my life?

– How do people overcome certain struggles?

          – How can we best support each other?

      – How can we communicate better?

… and the list goes on…

Seriously the anxiety is creeping up my chest and starting to feel like a million pounds just thinking about all of these things.


So where did the name, confused millennial, actually come from?

The name, confused millennial,  hit me over the head like a baseball bat during a rant to my fiance about a terrible exchange I had with someone I once looked up to. It had me really confused about:

 a) why I even looked up to them?

b) how do people misrepresent themselves and get away with it?  and

c) how come we choose to act out of fear and judgment rather than love?

I was on this new path with my career and business that I thought I was supposed to be on, but that exchange felt like a total wrench. I felt confused and lost about my direction.

Was I taking on someone else's path once again in my life, or my own?

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And if I am honest with myself, I was totally choosing someone else's path, not my own. It was an important stepping stone for me at the time though and I am forever grateful for how things went down with that person because it fast-tracked the emptiness I would've felt had I kept going down that road.

I feel like TCM not only explains how I feel, but also how a lot of us millennials feel. I think we are a generation that strives to be better, we over think things, we ask more questions, and we (hopefully) aren't settling like past generations. With all of that on our plates, aren't we all going to feel overwhelmed and confused at times (er, most of the time)?

It's sad, we are a generation that is divided between those who are self-aware and can recognize the labels and stereotypes have some truth to them but they aren't the sole defining characteristics of a generation; and those who scoff and turn their noses up, refusing to accept their “millennial” tendencies.

So are we confused as a generation and what do I think about the word “confused”?

Well I can't speak for everybody, but I sure am confused… and more than that, I hope our generation is confused! Because to me, it means we are asking questions! It means we are pushing boundaries. It means we are seeking to understand something greater than ourselves. We are striving to be the change we want to see in the world. 

My hopes for TCM:

I want TCM to be a place for other confused millennials to come, read & connect with relatable experiences, while also getting actionable advice. While this is a lifestyle blog there is some rhyme and reason to what I post. Every post comes from personal experience and ends with key take aways with the ultimate goal being to help readers figure out how to live a lifestyle that fulfills them.

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