What To Wear After Giving Birth

I remember when I was packing my hospital bag I had no idea what to wear after giving birth in the hospital. People had talked to me about what to wear when giving birth at a hospital (like during actual labor… more on that in a second!). Plus, I'd gotten general suggestions like “pack a robe,” “be cozy,” and even “pack a postpartum girdle for your stomach!” But honestly, those did nothing for the reality of how I felt after labor and what I actually ended up needing.

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Here's what no one told me about packing clothes for the hospital after giving birth:

You are about to sweat like a wildebeest. At least I did.

According to this article, says that postpartum night sweats happen due to the drop in hormones, including estrogen.

While I would get in bed with my socks and robes, I would wake up drenched. Quickly followed by shivering from my now 5 lb robe that was soaked in sweat.

So this is the *real* list of clothes to wear after giving birth.

Checklist: What To Wear After Giving Birth In The Hospital

Nursing bra

Mistake number one for me: not having a nursing bra.

Instead I opted for a bralette I always wore. My boobs wear easily accesible and I thought I'd be fine.


My daughter cluster fed around the clock during those 2 days at the hospital. Which meant my milk was coming in before we even got home!

My boobs felt like bricks and I panicked talking to the nurses thinking something was wrong (it wasn't). The first thing one of the nurses said to me (as she laughed), “you need a new bra.”

So, a year and a half later in my breastfeeding journey, here are the bras I *wish* I would've packed:

Comfortable underwear

Okay this is sort of hit or miss and maybe you don't need it at the hospital, but you will want it postpartum.

I lived in the mesh underwear from the hospital for 2 weeks. Yep, I even ran them through our washing machine at home.

But afterwards, I was happy to have these underwear that were comfortable and breathed.

Grippy slippers or socks

Despite the night sweats, I was happy to have some grippy socks for around the hospital.

In retrospect, I think I'll do grippy slippers next time though. The grippy socks were great, but I'd forget to take them off until I was already in bed. At that point, I'd kick them off when falling asleep to prevent try and lessen the night sweats.

Plus, at my hospital the bathroom was shared with one other new mom, so in retrospect, I just wish I would've had a more solid bottom given the communal space.

Nothing was wrong with the socks, I just think the slippers would've cut down on a little headache.


Okay, so I 100% had the wrong robe. I bought this super cozy chenille robe. It felt like I was wearing a blanket and I felt *so confident* that it would keep me warm and cozy at the cold hospital.

Welp, it certainly did! And it was also 5 lbs after I'd drench it in night sweat.

I still do believe packing a robe is important since so much time is spent with your boobs out. I was grateful to have something to quickly cover.

Just choose one that is lightweight and breathable like these:

Stretchy pants

During pregnancy, I lived in these leggings so I assumed they'd be great to wear after giving birth, especially for my stomach since they suck it in real nicely.


There was no way I was putting on leggings in the hospital!

Instead I lived in my loosest, stretchiest pants and they were perfect! Here are a few great options:

Boob accessible tops

This is more for what to wear home from the hospital in my opinion, unless you are the type to get dressed and make your bed every morning… then you may want this during your hospital stay too and not just when you're going home.

But I'm lazy and only put on a shirt when I headed home.

These maternity tops are great options, and a few are amazing if you're looking for clothes to hide your postpartum belly:


But, what kind of pajamas to wear after giving birth?

Simple, soft, cozy, lightweight, boob accessible, and breathable. Are you seeing a theme here?

Honestly, anything I've shown you up to this point can be worn as pajamas. I didn't have special postpartum pajamas. Instead I wore the lounge pants above and a robe.

Here's the thing no one will tell you about postpartum pajamas…

You don't need them. The real thing you need is something to prevent your boobs from leaking! This bra is amazing at that! It's loose and lightweight, specifically designed for sleeping in while nursing.

If you don't want to get it, then definitely get some nursing pads to go in your regular bras. I didn't find that as comfortable since nursing bras are kind of tight.

What to wear when giving birth at a hospital?

Honestly, I gave birth so quickly after arriving at the hospital that I was still wearing my sports bra and tank top.

With that said, I was going to buy this dress that had been recommended to me by so many. It's beyond cute and comes in tons of prints!

This gown is perfect for giving birth in the hospital and postpartum.

Easy front and back access for nurses needing to monitor baby.

Simple snaps for breastfeeding.

Soft, lightweight, cozy, AND cute!

It's open so the nurses can put the monitor on your belly with ease. The top also has snaps for easy access breastfeeding postpartum.

The only reason I didn't buy it: I was on a serious “manifest my birth” kick and focusing on giving birth within 2 hours of arriving at the hospital… which I succeeded in.

I didn't buy it because I was manifesting not being in it for more than a couple of hours so it seemed like a waste… I do wish I would've bought it though since I could've continued wearing it postpartum with how cute and breastfeeding friendly it is!

What did you wear home from the hospital?

I wore the same stretchy pants I mentioned earlier and a boob accessible tank top.

I think the most important thing is just staying comfortable. This isn't a fashion show. If you want to look nice for photos, I think sticking with a solid prints and a neutral color palette will make you look put together with ease.

What to wear after giving birth for your stomach?

So funny story, I actually packed this belly bandit type of stomach girdle to wear at the hospital.

I had a friend who SWORE by it after giving birth and that she was down inches after just a few weeks of labor and delivery.

Only when I went to put it on, I immediately took it off.

My body, personally, wanted to breathe after giving birth. I don't think there is a right or wrong answer here other than to do what feels right for you.

Our bodies are doing miraculous things through giving birth and the most important thing is to just nourish them.

My stomach went down in time on its own, and then even better with by sticking to the same healthy eating habits from pregnancy. When I felt ready, I started doing ab exercises to minimize diastasis recti and am happy to say that my stomach actually looks better as I write this than it did pre-pregnancy!

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