Life Lately & TCM’s Wedding Video

Happy March!!

Phew! It feels like I blinked and February is overrr!

February was a rough month for me. Concrete work on the facade of my building started, which has left all the windows and doors closed! Not only closed, the blinds were drawn, so I basically feel like I am in a cave all day. Plus the constant drilling on my head doesn't help. The noise canceling headphones I bought can't even drown out the noise anymore ? .

E and I spent about two weeks checking out every viable apartment option and finally found our dream place! We are really excited (and nervous) to be moving! We've always lived in 100% furnished places (like we don't even own sheets or towels!) and this place has literally nothing. To say I am a little overwhelmed RN is an understatement!

I know if I take deep breaths everything will slowly fall into place, but my normally anxious self is needing a little extra self-care time right now.

Which leads me to something super fun I am excited to share with y'all! We finallyyyy got our wedding video!!

When hiring a videographer I had a really specific vision in mind. Since many of you know, not one person from my family attended our wedding, I really wanted our wedding video to be about our love story, not just the wedding day and celebrating with friends and family. I can't thank our videographers enough for taking the time to really listen to what we wanted, spending a little extra time to get it just right, and giving us the most special gift from our wedding.

No joke – E and I have felt very disconnected from our wedding – we didn't cry during the ceremony or anything, TBH, in many ways, it felt just like any other day… even looking at the photos, we felt like it was just another photo shoot — but we both were crying when we watched this and finally felt that magical feeling we had been missing out on.

We were on the fence about hiring a videographer (they are expensive and how often do you really think you will watch the video?) but ultimately we decided too and couldn't be happier.

Here are a few tips for choosing a videographer:

Watch a ton of wedding videos. Figure out what it is you like or dislike about them. We knew we really did not want a wedding video that felt like a bunch of moving pictures (you know the ones that show clips of the shoes, the cake, extra, almost like a moving picture book) – but we loved the videos that told a story.

Make a list of the things you do and do not like. Then communicate that to potential videographers you are interviewing. Ask them about their style, comfort level with what you are going for (if it's different than what they typically do), and make sure you feel comfortable with them.

Be flexible in your vision. I REALLY wanted aerial drone footage of our wedding day and our videographers warned that if it's too windy they wouldn't be able to get it… and sure enough it was too windy! I was super disappointed but the video came out beyond amazing and don't even care anymore. So trust the professionals will still do it justice!

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  1. These are great tips. We couldn’t find a videographer that fit our budget. We are in the process of reaching out to college students who are going to school for videography/graphic design. I know I want our wedding documented but I just couldn’t justify the money. So here’s to keeping our fingers crossed.

    1. I love that idea! I totally felt like you actually and was going to have a friend do mine (he doesn’t normally do videography, he does nature documentaries and real estate videos) and it was going to cost a third of the price! But he couldn’t commit to me enough in advance that I just bit the bullet! If you’re going with a student, I would definitely give them some examples of what you envisioned and talk about what you had in mind!

  2. Your wedding video is SO amazing!!! I definitely think having a video of the day is so important!

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