Life Lately & TCM’s Wedding Video

Happy March!!

Phew! It feels like I blinked and February is overrr!

February was a rough month for me. Concrete work on the facade of my building started, which has left all the windows and doors closed! Not only closed, the blinds were drawn, so I basically feel like I am in a cave all day. Plus the constant drilling on my head doesn't help. The noise canceling headphones I bought can't even drown out the noise anymore ? .

E and I spent about two weeks checking out every viable apartment option and finally found our dream place! We are really excited (and nervous) to be moving! We've always lived in 100% furnished places (like we don't even own sheets or towels!) and this place has literally nothing. To say I am a little overwhelmed RN is an understatement!

I know if I take deep breaths everything will slowly fall into place, but my normally anxious self is needing a little extra self-care time right now.

Which leads me to something super fun I am excited to share with y'all! We finallyyyy got our wedding video!!

When hiring a videographer I had a really specific vision in mind. Since many of you know, not one person from my family attended our wedding, I really wanted our wedding video to be about our love story, not just the wedding day and celebrating with friends and family. I can't thank our videographers enough for taking the time to really listen to what we wanted, spending a little extra time to get it just right, and giving us the most special gift from our wedding.

No joke – E and I have felt very disconnected from our wedding – we didn't cry during the ceremony or anything, TBH, in many ways, it felt just like any other day… even looking at the photos, we felt like it was just another photo shoot — but we both were crying when we watched this and finally felt that magical feeling we had been missing out on.

We were on the fence about hiring a videographer (they are expensive and how often do you really think you will watch the video?) but ultimately we decided too and couldn't be happier.

Here are a few tips for choosing a videographer:

Watch a ton of wedding videos. Figure out what it is you like or dislike about them. We knew we really did not want a wedding video that felt like a bunch of moving pictures (you know the ones that show clips of the shoes, the cake, extra, almost like a moving picture book) – but we loved the videos that told a story.

Make a list of the things you do and do not like. Then communicate that to potential videographers you are interviewing. Ask them about their style, comfort level with what you are going for (if it's different than what they typically do), and make sure you feel comfortable with them.

Be flexible in your vision. I REALLY wanted aerial drone footage of our wedding day and our videographers warned that if it's too windy they wouldn't be able to get it… and sure enough it was too windy! I was super disappointed but the video came out beyond amazing and don't even care anymore. So trust the professionals will still do it justice!

3 Tips For Choosing A Wedding Videographer plus millennial bloggers wedding video - the confused millennial

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89 thoughts on “Life Lately & TCM’s Wedding Video”

  1. Being flexible in your vision is the #1 thing people need to do in this, especially if you have no professional experience in the videography area. I wish more people would realize this! The professional knows what they’re doing!

    1. Exactly! I was super bummed about the drone footage, but they used this super cool effect that it almost feels like it at times anyway so I am beyond happy with how it turned out!!

  2. Another tip is to verify that they have a business license and insurance! So many don’t (just like many photographers that are popping up everywhere). I only say this because I am a pro photog and see this so often! So many people just trying to make an extra buck and then give the rest of us bad names lol. Always research and ask for proof of business liability insurance.

    1. YAS! totally agree! didn’t even think of that since it was an obvious requirement from our venue!

  3. This is really smart! My husband is a professional videography, and it’s definitely important for people to trust his vision! He knows what he’s doing! 🙂

  4. The video was wonderfully done and will make for wonderful memories of the day. Your wedding was beautiful and looked so fun and your dress was gorgeous! You guys are a beautiful couple 🙂

    Kylie <3

  5. Amanda | Maple Alps

    We really wanted a videographer for our wedding, but it didn’t work out. We are super happy with our photos though, so our disappointment was forgotten. Great post!

  6. Your video made me cry. That is my biggest regret from my wedding – that we didn’t do a video. Honestly, when we got married, wedding videos weren’t AS big of a deal, so it wasn’t really on my radar, but now I wish we had one. Maybe I’ll ask someone to do one for our 5 year anniversary next year!

    1. Awe thank you <3 You guys could always do one about your relationship up to this point (like for when you are pregnant for your kids to see someday or two remind you guys of your love when times get tough with kids and extra priorities)

  7. omg obsessed with your wedding video! so beautiful. Congrats ! You got the perfect videographer

  8. Aw you guys have the sweetest story. I love how cute and awkward it must have been at the start. It’s really nice to hear a story that sounds so real rather than the polished, super breezy rom-coms I love/hate to watch.
    Your wedding vid is also amazing! <3

  9. This might sound weird, but it’s SO refreshing to hear from another bride that they felt a bit disconnected to their wedding. When my husband and I got to our hotel room the night of our wedding, we were talking about the day and how we thought it went. We both turned to each other and said: “Yeah, it was great…but it kind of felt like any other day.” So many people rave about their wedding days and how it was the ~*best day ever*~ but I feel like my husband and I have greater days to come. And I mean that in the best way possible. Our wedding was one of the best days ever (keyword: one, as in more to come)!
    Your video is adorable! I loved hearing how you and your husband met! 🙂 I really love your dress and the bouquets. All the little details are beautiful!
    Katie | Millennial on the Move

  10. Your video turned out so great!! I love that you guys told your story – it’s so obvious how much you love each other. I hope the move goes well, too. Don’t stress, everything is going to be a-ok ♥️

  11. Your video is so stunning!! I freakin love how you two met. 🙂 I didn’t even know wedding videos were a thing, but I absolutely love it! Also, moving is so scary, but SO exciting at the same time. You’ll have to update us and let us know how everything goes!

  12. What a gorgeous video. I won’t lie, my fiance and I were on the fence about a videographer, but this has just about changed my mind. I think it’s awesome how your videographer made your video “uniquely you” and made it something so special for you both to go back and watch often. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Awe thank you!! Yeah, we really wanted something that we could look on that would tell our love story to that point – not just about the wedding day and I gave all my ideas to the videographers and they totally nailed it! I would say get super clear on what it is you want to look back on and what would make it special to you and communicate that!

  13. My hubby and I really had a rough experience with photography for our wedding and we also did not get a video. I wish i could go back and change both of those things. I am glad you were able to have your moment captured both on camera and video.

  14. Aarika Chilson

    Thanks for the tips! I wish that my hubby and I had hired a videographer! =) We had family and friends take random videos, which I am thankful for, but nothing like the beautiful quality from a professional videographer. I love your video!

  15. Heather Gullett Denniston

    OMG, things are so different now when it comes to videographer. Gone are the huge shoulder cameras and weeks and weeks of waiting while they edited. These are so awesome

  16. Kristine Circenis

    Beautiful is an understatement. I love the magic that your videographer captured in this video 🙂

  17. omg. I don’t even know you guys in person and I’m sitting here legit crying at your wedding video lol you guys are SO CUTE!!! love this so much, thanks for sharing babe xxx

  18. Sharon Glascoe

    So many people nix the wedding video because it seems that photos will be enough. No no no. A wedding video does a much better job of providing memories. We loved ours and highly recommend that everyone get a videographer. Love these tips!

  19. I’m going to be honest…after being married for just under 5 years, I’ve got no clue where our wedding video is…LOL As important as these things may seem (especially to the sentimental type) at the time of the wedding, with time you learn that it’s the marriage that counts – not the wedding. Of course, I would love to show our video to our littles one day, so there is that aspect of it too.

  20. stephanieabills

    The video came out absolutely stunning!

    the tips you shared here are awesome. Once it is my turn to get married, I will definitely refer back to this for guidance!

  21. Omg that video totally gives me chills! My BFF is eloping this June and I’ve been helping her plan just about everything, and one of the first things we booked was the videographer! There is just something special about having it all on camera!

  22. Great tips! I’m wedding planning myself, but I’m still on the fence about a videographer. If I decide to go with one, I’ll be sure to keep these tips in mind!


    1. We are having a bit of a long engagement haha. We been engaged for just over a year already but finally settled on a date in Sept of 2018, and locked down a venue and caterer. We have an idea of photographer and band, but haven’t booked either quite yet. We are working on getting “engagement” photos done soon, and dress shopping. So many things left it seems, but we have time so it’s not too bad 🙂

    2. I actually read your post and loved it haha 🙂 especially your point about the guest list! So many “friends” were so excited to ask about wedding plans and hang out, but have since not stayed in touch! And I know the little things are going to drive me crazy haha! I’m dreading ordering invites, they are so expensive!

    3. Awe thank you! The friends thing really hurt me actually, I was so stunned by people #smh — we got ours for super cheap and they were great quality actually (In my wedding details post, I have a photo of their thickness) — I designed them myself on photoshop (I did our menu, and everything) and then ordered them on (we got like 80 invites for $40)! If you have a template or design, they are definitely the cheapest to get them printed, there interface isn’t great though, but they send you a “sample” of your actual design for free which most other sites will only send you a paper sample

    4. My fiance and I only have a super small group of friends, so we found it funny when people who thought they were our friends (but weren’t) would try and weasel their way on the guest list for free food. But it does hurt when someone you genuinely want to get back in touch with does that! So I’m sorry this happened to you! And I’ll def. have to check them out then! That sounds like a steal!

  23. These are great tips. We couldn’t find a videographer that fit our budget. We are in the process of reaching out to college students who are going to school for videography/graphic design. I know I want our wedding documented but I just couldn’t justify the money. So here’s to keeping our fingers crossed.

    1. I love that idea! I totally felt like you actually and was going to have a friend do mine (he doesn’t normally do videography, he does nature documentaries and real estate videos) and it was going to cost a third of the price! But he couldn’t commit to me enough in advance that I just bit the bullet! If you’re going with a student, I would definitely give them some examples of what you envisioned and talk about what you had in mind!

  24. Your wedding video is SO amazing!!! I definitely think having a video of the day is so important!

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