The Confused Millennial’s Guide to Wedding Details

The Confused Millennial's Guide to Wedding Details rachel ritlop the confused millennial brooke images

Today's Wedding Wednesday post is all about the details. When thinking about my wedding day I always wanted those perfectly pinnable images, but totally found myself scrambling a month from the big day to pull them all together. So this is The Confused Millennial's Guide to Wedding Day Details.I am going to be walking you through all the DIY projects I took on during wedding planning as well as the amazing vendors I teamed up with to make my vision come to life (and hopefully help you bring yours to life too)!

I am going to be walking you through all the DIY projects I took on during wedding planning as well as the amazing vendors I teamed up with to make my vision come to life (and hopefully help you bring yours to life too)!

We used glass shadow boxes with moss in the bottom from West Elm for our rings, guest book, and thank you cards.

After today's post, Wedding Wednesdays will only be one Wednesday a month! Wednesdays will focus on more general relationship stuff as well as Wanderlust posts when I have something!

HEADS UP: At the verrryyyy bottom of the post is all our wedding music, if you want to scroll down and hit “play” and listen while you read ?.


When I was looking at our wedding budget, I quickly realized one of the easiest ways to cut costs was to DIY the paper goods. We decided to skip save the dates for two reasons: 1) we “had” to invite almost 200 people, but we really only wanted 50 people at our wedding, without save the dates many people could not make the trip to our destination wedding and 2) $$$.

So when it came time to choose wedding invitations I had all the beautiful photos from our engagement session to work with. I looked through your traditional wedding invitation websites, pinned a few that caught my eye and I felt like I could recreate, then purchased a font from Creative Market. I spent some time playing around on Photoshop and ordered a test print from When I got the final product I realized it didn't feel “balanced” so I tweaked the design and this was the final product:

Catprint is seriously amazing! Their user inner face kind of stinks; but their customer support is beyond awesome (I accidentally CANCELLED our invites and called them in a panic because our wedding was in 5 weeks and we didn't have invitations, they printed them and got them to me in under 48 hours)! Also the quality of their extra thick card stock is amazing! Just look at the thickness of these:

I decided to DIY the envelopes to match the invites. This time I used Canva.  I actually don't have a picture of. But basically were simple white envelopes and classic looking black and white flower stamps.

When it came time for menus and seating cards, I also did these myself and printed them at home. I got the brown paper off of Amazon and used the same paper for the seating cards (NOTE: I made the mistake of ordering business card size brown paper for the seating cards, but no printer can actually print on paper when it's already cut that small, I called every local printer and they all said they would need to do a big sheet and cut them that size – so don't buy small cards thinking you're going to avoid cutting them!)

Instead of a traditional “thank you book” we asked guests to write us a note (which I also put together):

I got a bunch of these picture frames actually for the gift table and also did a “with us in spirit” table for loved ones who passed away. These are Umbra's prism frames and I am obsessed with them!

Groomsmen Gifts:

We did matching wooden watches and bow ties.

The bowties were actually from WoodTon, based in the Ukraine. Volodymyr, the shop owner was amazing to work with! He was very responsive and put together this custom order for us.

Gift for the Guests

The biggest hit of the wedding with guests were the Pashminas from Alquimia Shop. The were SO beautiful and came with the bows and cards already finished. Guests loved these! They are really soft too.

For our welcome bags we got chapstick, Advil, and sunscreen from Amazon and chips and cookies from Costco. Inside of each welcome bag I included a welcome note which I made:

And this super cute itinerary from Lemonseed & Co. Angela was amazing to work with, super fast turn around and the quality of these were stunning!

Signage Through The Wedding

Instead of programs we did a chalkboard sign which I picked up for $25 from Kirkland's which was a total steal! It comes in white and brown.

All the rest of the signage throughout the wedding came from Z Create Design. They have so many wonderful goodies to choose from! We opted for the table numbers that sat on the table, not even thinking about the potential of wind!

Our wedding day was actually insanely windy as you can see from the table cloth here:

So windy in fact that we had to lay the “Thank you Sign” and picture frames flat and actually moved dinner inside.

That's right, no one sat at these pretty tables! Our photographers ran around weighing things down at the same table that wasn't getting blown away by the wind.

This “Mr. & Mrs.” Sign (below) was supposed to be pinned to our sweetheart table, but the wind wasn't having it. So instead we brought it down to the beach to take a few photos.

Wedding Songs

Ok so this is actually a funny story. Eric and I really did everything together as a team, but with all the DIY stuff I was doing he really only said “yay” or “nay” during the tweaks. So I decided to ask him to put together the wedding music (you know for the processional and first dance song). I made it very clear those were the areas we needed songs for… he ended up putting together a playlist of 200 songs. NO. JOKE. I was like WTF? So if you are like us, and looking for less traditional music, I want to share with you our wedding songs:

Eric's processional song (we played this for 1 min 25 seconds):

Then the wedding party walked down the aisle too:

Then I walked down the aisle too Lotte Kestner's version of Beyonce's Halo. I actually first heard this song in a restorative yoga class and started crying in the class. Everything about it is so perfect IMO. When I told Eric this was the song I wanted and played it for him, he started crying too… Weirdly enough, during our wedding ceremony and reception I didn't cry. I totally thought I would but the adrenaline and excitement and happiness of it all finally happening kind of took over (oh and I cried hysterically that morning so I think my tear ducts had dried up…)

Then for the reception the wedding party and we came in too:

And for our first dance, I really wanted “Flowers in Your Hair” by The Lumineers. I tried so hard to make this work. But we just couldn't get a dance going that didn't look like a spaz fest. I even gave it to my friend who is an actual dancer and asked her to help me figure something out but we got nothing. But it's beyond perfect for us so I am just going to leave it here…

Instead we opted for another Beyonce cover… “XO” but by John Mayer. Our DJ created a minute and thirty second version for us to dance too which was perfect (I do not recommend you first dance being longer than 1 min 30 seoncds).

We asked our DJ to go straight from our first dance song to inviting everyone onto the dance floor for a classic:

Followed by some T. Swift and other pop songs to get the all-ages fun in before dinner. After dinner, it was pretty much just all our friends out on the dance floor so basically lots of 90s hip hop.

…. and with that, I hope I helped you get some ideas or find somethings you've been dreaming of!

Planning a wedding? Grab TCM's wedding planning checklist!

All photos from Brooke Images

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  1. Rachel you had such a beautiful wedding! We ended up sending out free Save-the-Dates through email

    1. Awe thank you Sarah! That was what we were going to do too if we decided to do them! But since we wanted to cut our guest list we decided no too. We did our RSVPs on-line too

  2. Your wedding was so Pinterest perfect! Loving all of the greenery, and the colors you chose!
    Obsessed with the shadow boxes for your rings, such a nice touch!

    xx, Jamie

  3. such an amazing post! love all of the little details that you did to make your wedding day perfect. I personally love the idea of having guests writing you notes rather than a standard guestbook! I also love the wooden watch/bowtie combo! Even though you came across a lot of wind, it still seems like such a magical day! x, kenz

    1. Thanks Kenzie! It was definitely magical! And hey, it didn’t rain during the wedding time frame that day so that’s a win! Actually exactly one minute after the time our wedding needed to end (because of outdoor music noise ordinances) is when it started raining!

  4. Such a lovely post! I love all of the details you prepared to make your day perfect! Your wedding looks so Pinterest-worthy! It looks absolutely beautiful.

  5. Brigette Collins

    This was SO CUTE!!! I love all the details that you put into it. The printed material is perfect! I hope your day was perfect minus the wind lol!

  6. First of all, killer playlist! One thing that my caterer/aunt advised me for our wedding was not to use Pinterest as inspiration, but as a tool to realize your day. She has brides who use so many different ideas from weddings that the day ends up being a hodge podge and unrealistic. Your wedding looks like it was absolutely gorgeous, by the way!

    1. Thanks girl! Yeah I guess I look at them as the same thing (your aunts advice), like I kept pinning the same image over and over without realizing it, so when I took a step back I could see the vision, and deleted the irrelevant pins if that makes sense?

  7. Love all of these details for the wedding!!! Everything came out so good. It’s so much easier these days to be able to DIY your wedding and a whole lot cheaper! I will need to check all of these out for when my day comes along.

    1. Thank you! Yeah especially with running a blog and knowing your way around photoshop/canva! My invites costs only like $1.00 each, for the same quality/thickness on traditional wedding invite sites it was like $3.00 each!

  8. I love all of these DIY projects!! I’m a long way off from getting married but I’ll have to keep this post in mind for when the time comes!


  9. Your DIY’s look so professional! & your pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I love this version of Halo. I feel like I heard it on Spotify for the first time, but it seriously is so beautiful. It just feels so raw and real. You seriously look like you had the perfect wedding! I’m so obsessed with all of this!!

  10. Your day was beautiful! My wedding was pre-pinterest (seems like there should be an abbreviation for that era, doesn’t it? Like BC and AD?). My sister is getting married this summer and we’re looking at designing invitations pretty soon!

    1. HAHA I love it! I totally think that should be a thing! Good luck with the invitation planning! If you’re looking for a cheap print option definitely check out catprint! they even send you a physical test run before you order the whole batch! I did a lot of research on it. Their site is a little frustrating to use but customer service is helpful.

  11. Oh my goodness, everything about your wedding was gorgeous! I love how all the details work together to create a cohesive theme. I loved seeing that script font pop up in random places — such an elegant way to tie all your paper goods together. Also, LOVE your dress!

  12. Wow girl–your wedding is literal goals! I love how cohesive everything was, and of course you both looked amazing!! 🙂

  13. I’m getting married this fall and your tips are really helpful! I really like the table numbers and song choices!

    1. We have about 9 months left until the wedding, so I have done some of the “Big” things like venue, caterer, photographer and I am picking my dress next weekend. But I haven’t gotten into the small details yet, I am already getting stressed thinking about all the little things that go into a wedding!

    1. Awe I love it! It’s one of my favorites and when I played it for him he said, “that’s what I want to walk down the aisle to” haha I would love it! But I would only want to plan more weddings that were just like mine! haha I roll my eyes at the over the top cheesy ones

  14. All great details for your wedding! You make my dreams come true was our exit song for the ceremony and reception. Such a good song!

  15. Kelsie Kleinmeyer

    Hahaha these songs are awesome! I love them all. Your wedding looks SO gorgeous- I love all of the little details and the shadow boxes are amazing. I can totally see how the wind wouldn’t be thought of until the moment of- you totally made the most of it like you have to do in life sometimes!

    1. Thank you! Yeah it worked out well though because we didn’t really have to worry about the rest of the music for the night since it was only young people after dinner

  16. Elizabeth Johnson

    I love the details! The lanterns with table numbers is so creative. And those bow ties are amazing! I love a good bow tie. My husband and I walked up the aisle to “You Make My Dreams Come True”. It was the perfect way to end the ceremony!

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