Walmart+ Review: Is It Worth It? Mom’s Experience + Thoughts

This post is sponsored by Walmart+. All thoughts, opinions, and experiences are my own.

Wondering if the new Walmart+ service is worth it? Today I'll be breaking down my thoughts and firsthand experience with it as a mom, the cost of a membership, benefits, and projected savings.

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Free Trial

You can sign up for a FREE 15 day trial here (NOTE: I was able to extend my free trial to 30 days by answering a few questions!).

What is Walmart plus?

Walmart+ is a new service that launched on 12/4/2020 in an effort to save members time and money with more streamlined delivery, shopping, and savings opportunities.

How much is Walmart+ membership?

You can sign up for a free 15-day trial of Walmart+ here – and you'll likely be given the opportunity to extend that to 30 days by answering a few questions like I was.

After that, membership options start as little as $2 per week when you buy the annual membership for $98. If you choose to do a monthly membership instead, pricing is $12.95 per month.

What are the benefits of Walmart+?

Walmart plus offers members free shipping, free local store delivery, a faster in-store shopping experience, and savings on select gas stations. More details below:

Free shipping

Walmart+ offers free shipping from with no order minimum. Even better? It includes free next-day and two-day shipping for our online purchase! (again, no order minimum required!).

Some restrictions do apply; it excludes oversized and freight items and items must say “shipped by Walmart” to qualify. They make it really easy to see which items qualify though while shopping (see video).

Can I get groceries delivered from my Walmart store?

Yes! In my opinion, this is the BIGGEST benefit of Walmart+!

Walmart+ members receive free delivery from their local store with a minimum $35 purchase (some restrictions apply). That local store delivery includes groceries, electronics, toys and so much more (see video for all the categories) at the same everyday low prices you love.

Even better? You can typically get same day delivery in my experience!

How does Walmart plus local delivery work?

When I tested this out I was shocked at how easy the entire process was. On the app, I was able to sort by “organic food” to quickly find the items I was looking for.

I also LOVE how easy they make reading product ingredient labels on the app.

There were a ton of time slots to choose from for same day delivery – or later in the week if preferred. Just make sure you are selecting a “delivery” time slot and not on “pickup!”

When shopping in the app, you can “heart” items which add them to a quick order list. So the more you use/refine the app experience for yourself, the quicker this goes. My first order took about 15 minutes (starting free trial, browsing, adding a payment method, etc.). And all my subsequent orders have been under 5 minutes.

Also, I made sure to select “no substitutes” when checking out. By default, the app was set to select a substitute if they were out of an exact item in my order. Personally, I prefer to select exactly what I want versus having someone choose something similar so I turned that off. They ended up being out of one of my items which brought my order total below the $35 threshold, but they still honored delivery and free shipping which I appreciated!

When checking out, a “delivery tip” will automatically be selected. You can customize this to $0 or whatever amount you'd like. If you don't adjust it though, it will automatically charge your card the default selection. You have 24 hours after delivery to adjust your tip.

Our order did arrive about an hour after my selected delivery window; but all the items were there (minus the one I was promptly notified would be out of stock shortly after placing my order). Also, just a heads up, the driver isn't a “Walmart” driver. It's a third party delivery service (which they explain in the app) so expect an everyday person in their car delivering your order.

Members prices on fuel

Members save 5¢ per gallon at Walmart and Murphy Stations when fueling up their car. As an added bonus, they also receive access to member pricing at Sam's Club fuel centers!

Mobile scan & go

A streamlined in-store shopping experience that allows you to scan items as you shop, pay via the app, and be on your way for a totally touchless checkout process.

Some restrictions/exclusions do apply with this that will require you to spend a little time at self checkout. For instance, if you need to weigh items to calculate a price or if purchasing items that require a Walmart associate to verify your ID and age.

How do I use Walmart plus scan and go app?

As you shop in-store at Walmart, you simply scan the items with the mobile scan & go app. I'd suggest bringing reusable bags, so you can scan and “bag” at the same time. Once you're done shopping you'll save time when checking out by just walking up to a kiosk, scanning the QR code on the screen with your phone, and completing payment in the app. Your barcode/receipt will appear on your screen and you're good to go. It really streamlines the entire process where you can just scan, pay, and be on your way!

Do you need Walmart plus for scan and go?

Yes! This is an exclusive benefit to Walmart+ members.

Does Walmart+ really save time?

In my experience, YES!

According to their website, it can save you 2.5 hours per week with free unlimited delivery (this is based on 3 in-store trips per week, excluding time spent shopping online, and previously mentioned shipping/delivery restrictions apply).

Now as a mom, I certainly did NOT go to Walmart physically 3 times a week – but I can tell you that between packing a toddler up in the car, driving to Walmart, getting what I need (and negotiating with a toddler along the way), checking out, getting back in the car, driving back home, it can easily save 2 hours on one of our trips alone. I honestly don't know how the “2.5 hours per week” claim is so low if shopping 3 times per week! But kudos to those patrons for their speedy shopping!

Personally, it took me about 15 minutes to explore the app and place my first same day delivery order. They make reordering or speedy shopping very easy in the app too. You can heart items for quick reference that adds them to an easy access lists for ordering or can you quickly reorder a previous shopping trip by going into your purchase history and clicking “re-order all items.”

Does Walmart+ really save money?!

Of course, the big question – is it financially WORTH it?

YES! Walmart+ can cost as little as $2 per week (based on annual pricing of $98/year and 52 weeks in a year). Meaning if you order even as little as once a month from Walmart your membership basically pays for itself (based on their standard $7.95 delivery free).

That doesn't include the savings from free shipping on or the savings you'll get from member's pricing on fuel either which they projected a cost savings of $84 annually (based on 140 gallons per month, per family, at 16 miles per gallon).

Overall, I'd say if you shop at Walmart even as little as once a month, it's worth it and it becomes even more of a no brainer when adding the gas station and shipping savings.

As a busy mom, I'm always looking for ways to save time and money and Walmart+ has really kept moms in mind with this service I think.

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