Does Vejo Taste Good? 13 Pods TASTE TESTED + Reviewed For The Portable Blender!

Wondering does VEJO taste good? I'm taste testing 13 of their blends that come in biodegradable pods, with a shelf life of at least 6 months, that you can use in the portable blender in this video review!

For my full VEJO review, including set up, how it works, nutritional info, taste test of 5 blends, and answering FAQs like is it really healthy/how the pods are made from fruits and veggies, etc., click here.

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How do you use VEJO:

Fill the portable blender with water or milk of your choice to the fill line, place the pod inside (larger side down), twist the cap back on, and let it blend until the green light stops flashing!

You can watch my step-by-step video below or check out my full detailed VEJO Review here!

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Does Vejo Taste Good? 13 Pods TASTE TESTED + Reviewed For The Portable Blender!

Vegan Protein Chocolate

If you like Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate, then you'll love this flavor! It's thick, richy, creamy and taste just like the brand many of us grew up on – but with plant based protein!

Vegan Protein Vanilla

I personally would order this over the vegan protein chocolate. It's a very simple/subtle flavor that's the definition of “vanilla.” My new go-to vanilla protein shake.

Immunity fuel – Blueberry

This blend tastes like childhood! Seriously, as soon as I pulled the top off, it was giving me blueberry poptart vibes. Two sips in, I felt like I was enjoying a blueberry popsicle! It's has stevia and monk fruit to sweeten it up – personally I don't love the taste of stevia so I wish that wasn't in there because it gave it a funny aftertaste for me. But with that said, I like it anyway with all the added minerals and vitamins. I'd much rather turn this into a popsicle for my daughter over the summer too with it's natural sweeteners versus a store bought popsicle full of refined sugars.

Banana Almond

Legit, tastes like banana bread batter. One of my faves. It has delicious cinnamon undertones and a decent amount of protein too!

Pina Strawberry

This is possibly the worst Vejo blend I've ever tried. Maybe it's my pregnancy taste buds because my toddler didn't seem to mind it. But I personally thought it was awful. The smell reminded me of a V8 juice with strawberries sitting in your car too long… and the taste was similar. Highly recommend skipping this one as there are MUCH tastier option if you're looking for a strawberry or tropical fix!

Strawberry Banana

The strawberry banana is above average for me – it's not the best strawberry banana smoothie I've ever had, but it's not bad at all. It literally taste and smells like strawberries and banana. Nothing overwhelming or underwhelming about it. This was a blend that did come out a little chunky for me that I had to reblend a second time – so I'm not sure if that changed the consistency of it but this was definitely the most “smoothie” consistency compared to the other flavors I tried which were smoother liquid finishes. I'd order it again and would recommend it to anyone who likes strawberry banana juices/smoothies.

Collagen Glow Strawberry Lime

If you watched my first VEJO review, I taste tested their Collagen Glow Watermelon Fresca flavor and it was – not my cup of tea to put it politely lol. The Strawberry Lime Collagen Glow had a very low bar and it actually blew me out of the water! It was delicious! I loved the lime undertones, and the fizz didn't bother me this time around (maybe because I let it sit out longer?). Either way, this was delicious and I really enjoyed it! I'd saw it's a great soda alternative too.


I was pleasantly surprised with the tropical blend from Vejo! When I first smelled it, it smelled like a banana smoothie that's been sitting in your car too long and you don't want to drink it but you do it anyway… only that's not at all what it tasted like! Nope, this was actually pretty good despite the initial smell! It tastes like a mango smoothie and just got better and better with each sip. I don't typically drink mango or yellow smoothies/juices so I think my brain/taste buds needed to catch up to it and ended up really liking it!

Pacific Northwest Tart Berry

This is one that when I first tried it, I didn't know how I felt about it – it wasn't good or bad, it was just more tart than my tastebuds were used too. Over time I grew to crave it and really love it. The best descriptor I can give is it's name: tart berry.

Spiced chocolate

I'd suggest making this with some type of milk and not water. It's not that it was bad with water by any means – it just felt a little flat. I think a milk would help draw out the flavors more. As far as the flavors with water as the base, it's good; not great! It's not too spicey, not too sweet. It tastes like a perfectly spiced *thin* hot chocolate. I'm calling it a hot chocolate vibe because it's thicker and richer than a chocolate milk, but thinner than a real European hot chocolate. I think milk would make it thicker/richer though. This seems like a great option for any chocolate lovers looking to get their fix with a cleaner, more nutritionally dense option than a chocolate bar or store bought powder hot chocolate.

Whey Mocha

Personally, I didn't love this one. While lots of Vejo blends have Stevia, on a few of this (the whey mocha being one) the Stevia aftertaste is quite strong to me. It definitely tastes like a mocha coffee – but with a strong stevia after finish that I just didn't love.

Stress Support Lemon Lime

This was quite subtle. It tastes like water first, then Vitamin C (not OJ, but like an ascorbic acid supplement), then subtle hints of lemon and lime. It's not bad by any means, just not a favorite. I do like that it's made with Ashwagandha mushrooms (a supper food that supports adrenal fatigue).

Troubleshooting your VEJO blender:

Since VEJO blends use real, high quality ingredients, simply freeze dried into the pods – with no unnecessary additives – they can sometimes clump and be a *little* tempermental (and I do mean LITTLE – I've only had an issue with 2 or 3 pods over the last 6 months).

VEJO blends come in packs of 2 – they suggest using the second pod within a few days of opening. Their pods are shelf stable for about 6 months, but some settling can occur. I suggest just squishing your pods before adding it to your blender so break it up a bit if you're nervous. The blends with JUST fruits and veggies tend to have the clumping more in my experience (they have supplement pods for special dietary stuff like immunity or collagen boosting that don't really clump).

The other thing I personally experienced was if I filled the liquid in the blender even right at the fill line, the pods didn't fully blend and come out a little chunky. I simply took out the pod, poured some liquid out, reinserted the same pod, and reblended which worked like a charm.

You could also try shaking your blender if you're nervous.

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