VEJO Review: Is It Worth It? Does The Portable Blender Work?

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When I first heard about Vejo I was SO intrigued! A portable blender focused on nutrition, packed with organic fruits and vegetables that I can bring anywhere with me?! Sign me up! So I got my starter kit and have had it for a few months now… which leaves the big question: is Vejo worth it?

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In this post VEJO review I'll answer some of the FAQ I get about Vejo, my personal experience, and share who I think this is best suited for and who should skip it.

What is VEJO Blender?

The VEJO Blender is a portable blender that combines science and nutrition. It's designed to be an all-in-one solution (blender, bottle, and cup) making it perfect for on-the go activities like a day at the beach, hiking, or just running errands (seriously, does anyone else forget to eat when you have a jam packed day?!).


How does VEJO work?

When you first get your VEJO blender in the mail, you'll need to charge it for 2 hours before you can use it for the first time.

When your portable blender is all charged, you simply add water to the fill line, then add one of the biodegradable pods. Put the lid on and you'll hear it blending your drink (takes about 30 seconds). When it's done the light on top will turn solid.

Take the cap off, and enjoy! We compost the pods since they're biodegradable.

What about VEJO nutrition facts and calories?

Vejo blends can contain up to 50% of your daily recommended fruits and vegetables, so they can be a great way to up your daily intake! Daily blends consist of a mix of fruits, vegetables, and superfoods which are picked at peak ripeness and then freeze dried into the powder in the pods. The blends have no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners and contain 100 calories or less.

Each pack of blends comes with a nutritional fact sheet (you can also see this info on their website) which breaks down the ingredients, calories, and nutrition facts!

With that said, unless it's one of VEJO's protein blends, I don't find one pod alone particularly satisfying. I'm someone who drinks 24+ oz of a smoothie or juice, so an 8 oz pod left me wanting more. I either neeed to add some chia seeds after it blends or have two pods.

What are my favorite pods:

Banana almond is one my favorite of the ones I've tried so far! It's a protein blend and one that fills me up the most and gets my tastebuds dancing before it even hits my tongue! It taste like banana bread and I LOVE the cinnamon undertones too! Basically put cinnamon in anything and I'm here for it haha!

I LOVE the matcha latte too – which is saying something because I'm not a matcha fan! It's got a great oat-y undertone. I do recommend making it with a milk over water. I did it with almond milk and it added a little more dept. I'll also add a splash of cinnamon – because again: cinnamon in anything I'm here for! It's a great blood sugar stabilizer if you didn't know! I add it to my coffee each morning too.

Tart berry was also shockingly good. I'm not normally a berry juice gal but this was delicious! It tastes like a purple popsicle. It's a little tart, but not too tart and has a sweetness to it that's absolutely delicious!

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Pina Greens was a bit of a disappointment. I expecting this delightful tropical smoothie, but instead it just tasted like matcha for some reason? It's made with mango, pineapple, banana, and spinach… and maybe it's that I'm spoiled by the mango tree in our yard or the weekly fresh pineapple I eat but this didn't taste how I expected. It wasn't bad – it just wasn't “right” if that makes sense?

I also tried the Collagen Glow (aka the watermelon fresca). It definitely reminded me of the beverage Fresca, with the fizzy topping/taste. Personally, I wasn't a fan of the current recipe. It's a new flavor so I'm hoping they'll keep refining it [UPDATE: Just heard they are reworking it so stay tuned!]. I don't like Fresca and I make a watermelon ginger lemonade 2-3 times a week, so the first version of this flave just wasn't for me. 

Who do I think VEJO is perfect for:

Anyone who is looking to get more fruits and vegetables in throughout their day could certainly benefit from VEJO. They pack such a big punch in those tiny pods!

In addition, anyone who has a pretty out-and-about lifestyle OR goes on regular long outings. Vejo is great to have on hand so you aren't tempted by $12 juices while out all day or unhealthier options!

I think it's also a fabulous gift for the wellness lover in your life. It's really well made, and feels very high end.

Lastly, parents who already give their kids juices or pouches are are looking for ones with less additives or sugar may want to consider Vejo's blends.

Who should skip it?

If you're someone who is home all day with a blender and are looking for a complete meal replacement then Vejo probably isn't your best option. Personally, other than the blends with protein, I need to make a few pods to make a completely satisfying meal. I look at my Vejo as the perfect accessory for long days out, traveling, or an on the go snack – not my daily lunch.

Lastly if you like things COLD COLD then it may not be as much of an “all-in-one” solution (blender, bottle, cup)…

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One of my biggest pet peeves when I go to Cali or NY is that they don't seem to believe in giving ice?! I'm the kind of girl who needs ice overflowing my cup… if I'm not on the verge of brain freeze it ain't for me! (okay that last part is a total exaggeration, but you get the point and don't @ me about how “room temperature or slightly cold is best for digestion/the body” or whatever — but on that note, how VEJO is designed it historically better for digestion, just not my personal preference of cold).

So it's not a dealbreaker for me. In fact, in the video review you see I'm actually pleasantly surprised by the taste, even without ice. But given my personal bias, I do end up moving my beverage from the blender cup to a giant ice filled cup – which does defeat the purpose of having the blender-cup combo a little; but that's just who I am.

What does VEJO cost?

$130 for starter kit, includes blender and 8 pods. You can code TCM10 for 10% off your purchase of a starter kit here OR you can use TCM8PACK for a free 8 pack of blends here! Only one code can be applied, so just choose whichever you'd like to use!

Additional pods cost between $2.50 (which isn't bad) and $4 (which is a little pricey; but still less then buying a premade juice with as clean of ingredients.

Can I get the portable blender on Amazon?

I don't think you can at the moment but even if they did offer it, I'd suggest getting it directly through Vejo's website here because I have a discount code just for you that only works there!

Do I think VEJO is worth it?

Yes if you're looking to increase your juice intake without the $12+ pricetag on daily juices I think it's awesome!

When it arrives it feels so luxurious. It's really well made and the packaging is impeccable. I still think the entire design is beyond brilliant and get a quick out of the fact it just blends the pods right up and you can drink it! I also love that we can compost the pods (they seem to take about 4 weeks to break down in our compost bin).

My biggest pet peeve is the small cup (again, I love my ice). I've liked the majority of the flavors I've tried so far – and the two I didn't like I probably should've known from reading the ingredients I wouldn't have liked them so that's on me.

VEJO Discount code:

Use code TCM10 for 10% off your purchase of a starter kit here OR you can use TCM8PACK for a free 8 pack of blends here! Only one code can be applied, so just choose whichever you'd like to use!

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Wish you could get more of your daily intake of fruits and vegetables? Can a portable blender help? Let alone even work for on the go juices and smoothies?! Sharing all my findings in my VEJO Review and looking at Is It Worth It? Plus a discount code and promo code if you're shopping for yourself or a gift for the wellness junkie in your life! #vejoreview #portableblender #smoothie