7 Best Toy Air Fryer Options + Alternatives in 2023

With the rise of the air fryer cult movement it was only a matter of time before a toy air fryer went viral on TikTok and become one of the most covered mini toy version of a popular kitchen appliance on the market. And with such high demand, comes scare inventory, so we've rounded up the best toy air fryer picks AND alternatives if you can't get your hands on one of these coveted mini kitchen appliance toys!

Mimi World Toritori Smart Snack Air Fryer Toy Pretend Play Kitchen Playset 

Mimi World's air fryer toy is one of the most coveted pretend play kitchen sets of its kind; and is extremely hard to get as a result.

It's not only the cutest thing, but also the most complete air fryer play set, and offers a variety of fun foods from shrimp, dumplings, fried egg and more.

With this toy air fryer, you'll also get 2 kitchen accessories, 7 food pieces, an adorable kitty plate, and menus.

Your child adds the snacks, turn the Toritori figure level to their desired menu setting which triggers the lcd timer function, press start and wait as the foods change color in the air fryer as if they're cookings.

NOTE: You need 3 AA batteries to operate, which are not included.

  • Includes food and menus
  • Color changing food while it cooks
  • Kitchen accessories included
  • Requires 3 AA batteries, not included
  • Rare toy; may be difficult to get

H-E-B Beyond Imagination Air Fryer Playset

You may recognize the H-E-B Beyond Imagination Air Fryer Playset from several viral TikTok's in 2021 + 2022 where mom's fell so in love, they wouldn't share it with their kids!

The H-E-B air fryer toy comes with french fries and chicken nuggets, a removable see-through tray basket, and the air fryer for a total of 9 pieces and hours of fun.

Just like other electric air fryers toys, the food changes color while it “cooks.” This is rated safe for kids 3 and up and requires 3 AAA batteries which are included.

NOTE: Availability is scarce in the US so the options below are to check for in-stock options at the those retailers. This exact air fryer also goes by the brand “PlayGo Air Fryer” too.

  • Includes color changing foods
  • Batteries included
  • Only included fries + chicken nuggets, even though air fryer has buttons for broccoli, chicken, and fish
  • Rare toy; may be difficult to get

Best Toy Air Fryer Alternatives

CUTE STONE Kids Picnic & Kitchen Playset

CUTE STONE's picnic + kitchen play set is probably the best toy air fryer alternative currently on the market with the most complete set of accessories and features, including the coveted light based color changing food aspect.

In this kitchen playset you'll get a play grill, sink, and oven, plus color changing play foods (steak, chicken, fish, and sausage), regular foods (mushroom, egg, carrot, broccoli, peas), condiments, a mini pot, pan, and cooking utensils.

The sink really runs water when you press it. The oven comes with lights, sound effects, and music. When not in use, you can fold the sides to cover the top with a lid, and when in use those area act as serving trays and utensil hooks.

  • Top folds closed with handle for easy, clean portable design and easy storage
  • Light based color changing foods on the grill
  • Working sink function
  • Full accessories and additional foods included
  • 3 AA batteries required, not included

Kidzlane Kitchen Playsets

Kidzlane offers three amazing color changing kitchen play sets: ice cream, dinner, and tea party.

Each one comes with over 20 pieces, is BPA free and sihwaser safe.

Within each set, there are various color changing foods when you add water.

Our personal favorite is the ice cream set because we think kids will really enjoy the sprinkle shaker and various accessories from the cone stand, milkshake cups, to the waffle cone bowls. Our second favorite is the tea party set which includes color changing tea cups and cookies, as well as a ton of accessories to set your table for a tea party. Lastly the dinner set is nice, but we prefer the CUTE STONE Kids Picnic & Kitchen Playset for a more basic pretend play meal.

  • Includes water based color changing foods
  • Great selection of accessories for themed parties
  • Need to submerge color changing pieces in ice water for best results
  • No storage bag included so it may be easy to loose items

HOLYFUN BBQ Grill Cooking Playset

The 42 piece HOLYFUN BBQ grill toy is a great option complete with everything your child will need; including a temperature changing cup and plate, and light based color changing food, just like the popular air fryer toy.

In this set, you get a grill, baking trays, color changing sausage and chicken wings, temperature changing cup & plate, plenty more food and kitchen accessories.

The grill also has an air for you to add water that turns to steam while “cooking” on the grill and a button for music and the purple light to cook the food in the pan.

  • Includes light and temperature based color changing items
  • Steam feature for realistic cooking feel
  • Some food items can be peeled and cut
  • Toy closes with lid and carrying handle (not enough storage for food items though)
  • 3 AAA batteries required; not included
  • Not enough storage for loose food items when not in use

Barbie Doll with Oven & Rising Food

Barbie's oven with rising and color changing food is basically every millennial mom's childhood dream coming true. It's basically an easy bake oven meets Barbie combined with the magic of the viral color changing air fryer.

This set comes complete with a mixing bowl, spoon, cake mix, spatula, oven mitt, and icing bag.

Kids can place the pan with a pound cake into the oven, turn on the timer, and watch as the treats rise. The icing bag tip can be dipped in water than used to “frost” the color changing cup cakes.

All of the accessories easily fit inside the oven for storage when not in use. You can choose between a white or black Barbie too.

  • Color changing and rising food options
  • Accessories fit inside oven for easy storage/clean up
  • Diverse doll options
  • Requires batteries
  • Super small pieces may be a choking hazard if babies in the home

CUTE STONE Play Kitchen Sink Toy

One of parents favorite color changing items is the CUTE STONE play kitchen sink which features color changing dishes and plates as well as a real running water feature.

Play kitchen sinks are fantastic for an easy set up, generally low mess sensory play as your child will only have access to the water you put in – not the entire real kitchen sink. Making it a great eco-friendly alternative for toddlers who love mimicking house work.

The sink comes in pink or blue. It includes pretend food that you can “cut”, condiments, cutlery, dishwashing accessories, and color changing plates and cups. The sink faucet head swivels 180 degrees and uses an automatic water circulation system to keep the water flowing.

  • 2 1.5V AA batteries required; not included
  • No light based color changing items

FAQs on toy air fryers:

Is there such a thing as a mini air fryer?

Yes, you can purchase small air fryers with a capacity of 1.6 quart; however these are not the same as toy air fryers.

Mini air fryers actually cook food and are designed for compact spaces; toy air fryers pretend cook food by using light and phosphorescent paint to change the food color.

What can you cook in a toy air fryer?

The most popular toy air fryer only includes chicken nuggets and french fries to cook. However you can really place anything in a toy air fryer to cook up, and other sets include more food options.

Can I DIY color changing food?

Yes! It's honestly so easy to take any of your toy foods and make them color changing for use in a toy air fryer or other light-based color changing mini kitchen appliance. Simply use apply 1-2 coats of this paint to the toy food, place on the black light of the toy, and watch the colors change!

How can I extend the play with a toy air fryer?

Pretend kitchen play is a great learning activity in itself; however if you want to focus on more targeted skills you can make or buy recipe cards and menus for your toy air fryer.

These teach kids to follow instructions, learn order/sequencing, help with social skills and language, and so much more.

Additionally, as your child grows, you can have them collect the recipe cards to make an order history of the day and learn how to take inventory which builds critical match and management skills.

Where can I get a toy air fryer?

Toy air fryers are currently primarily available in Australia where the Kmart air fryer toy went viral. You can also find some in England or eastern countries. However the United States does not have air fryer toys readily available at the moment. Instead your best bet is to keep checking those stock listings above, or click here for resellers on eBay.

Final thoughts on toy air fryers

While the toy air fryer is an awesome find, it's important to know that you can help your kid take their love of cooking to a new level with any of these interactive color changing kitchen sets. Moreover, there are loads with better toy food options than just chicken nuggets and french fries (which there's nothing wrong with, but it's limited!).

As far as the best toy airfryer goes though, the Mimi World Air Fryer wins by a landslide thanks to its wide range of toy food, accessories, and various menu settings.

As far as toy air fryer alternatives we love CUTE STONE's Picnic & Kitchen Playset thanks to its running water feature, easy storage, and huge assortment of toy food and accessories.