7 Best Toilet Training Must Have Items [+ Potty Products To SKIP!]

Wondering what the best potty training items are? Here are my must have items + skips for toilet learning for toddlers that we actually used!

Must Have Potty Training Items

Child accessible potty

You can either use your actual toilet and make it child accessible with a toddler step stool and toddler sized toilet seat or you can use a small potty.

Personally, we went with this small, low potty. We potty trained at 2 years old and my daughter is on the smaller end. The small potty guaranteed she'd be able to access independently no matter who was around.

We also liked that we could bring it from room to room and by the pool. This way it acted as a visual reminder to use the potty in those early days.

Around 2.5 years old, my toddler was big enough to use a regular size toilet without a special size seat covering. I personally don't love the toddler seat coverings (other than this one) since they aren't realistic in all settings and are just kind of annoying in my opinion.

But it really doesn't matter which style you go with as long as your toddler can access the toilet independently.

Quick note on those toilet step stool combos that go over the regular seat: I go into this in more detail in my toddler step stools buying guide but we had one for like a week and I returned it. Make sure to measure the distance of your toilet to the floor because it didn't fit ours. Additionally, I didn't love having to take it on and off all the time if I wanted to use that toilet.

Portable potty

A portable potty is 10/10 one of my top recommendations. We have this one which folds open, and you basically add a garbage bag to the top to catch the child's waste.

We go to the beach, park, and many outings where we just need a toilet quickly and this really allowed toilet learning to be successful. Additionally, I can't tell you how many times it saved us during the first year for a roadside poop or pee.

It folds up nice and compact to fit in a diaper bag too.

If you want a more eco-friendly option, this one comes with both bags and a reusable silicone receptacle.

Basket with essentials

Next to your toilet you'll want a basket with everything your toddler needs for toileting. For us, that was toilet paper, wipes, a towel to clean up an accidents, and a change of underwear. You may also want to put a book in there or toys to help with sitting on the toilet while pooping.

Basic cheap underwear

Those early days will have a lot of accidents and your child will certainly go in their underwear. I don't suggest investing in organic or high quality underwear for the first set because it probably won't last long.

Once you are ready for an upgrade, we like Gap's organic and Pact organic toddler underwear.

Faucet extender

A faucet extender makes an excellent addition to the sink in bringing the water far enough into the sink basin so toddlers can wash their hands independently. We have this one and love it.

Optional toilet training items we liked:

Towels or piddle pads

Towels or puppy piddle pads can be great for lining the car seat or a stroller or other hard to wash items you don't want to a risk an accident on.

Waterproof mattress covers

Particularly as you move to training for naps or bedtime, a waterproof mattress cover can SAVE you. I suggest having at least two.

PRO TIP: Make the bed with the waterproof cover, sheet, and then the second cover and sheet on top.

This way if there is a middle of the night accident, you just need to remove the top layer and the bed is ready, versus having to make up a bed in the middle of the night.

Additionally, we did use the Newton waterproof crib mattress during a particularly challenging time and that was fantastic for quick dry and easy cleaning.

Potty Training Skips:

Potty training chart

If following montessori principles of toilet learning, you know that bribes and stickers are charts totally unnecessary with potty training. In fact, these can add unnecessary pressure and complications to the whole process.

Pulls up

Pull ups have the potential to make toilet learning harder from what I heard. I don't think they are necessary by any means, but I also don't think they will mess you up too significantly if you want to use them.

Potty training underpants

Potty training underpants are basically a special underwear that are a bit thicker in the crotch so they absorb more of the accident, but not like a diaper. Your child will feel “wet” unlike in a diaper, but the mess won't be as large compared to regular underwear.

Personally, I think the first set of underwear should be a cheap set because they will have a lot of accidents and these just seem like an unnecessary expense. I want the mess so my child learns the consequence of needing to clean it up.


Similar to the potty training chart, montessori toilet learning doesn't require praise, bribes, or rewards. Instead it's about building up the child's intrinsic motivation and reward system and simply peeing in the potty is the reward.

Light up /musical toilet

Flashy toilets are not necessary. In fact, most toddlers will want to play with their potty at some point, so in my opinion we want to make the potty as un-toy like as possible.

Read more about the Montessori period for toilet learning here!