Toddler Easter Basket Ideas: Girl

Easter is an exciting time, especially for little ones excited about a glimpse at the Easter Bunny, scavenger egg hunts, and everything else the day represents. In this blog post, we'll explore the best toddler Easter basket ideas for girls that will not only make her Easter morning filled with much fun but also support her development and learning. Let's dive in and create an Easter basket that will make her smile from ear to ear!

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Best Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

Baskets + Personalized Tags

Let's start with some cute options to assemble your toddler's Easter basket in! I'm a huge fan of a themed Easter basket – which you'll see throughout this post.

You can opt for a bunny themed Easter basket:

Or more Spring themed Easter baskets:

Either one of those are a fun way to add some flare. Some of those even double as bedroom storage afterwards!

Personalized Tags for Easter Baskets

Alternatively, you can use a plain basket you already have (or one of the picks above) and pair it with a personalized tag for Easter as a great addition to any basket. Again, choose from Easter bunny or Spring flower tags to go with your theme:

personalized tags for easter basket ideas

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Easter Bunny Delights:

No Easter basket is complete without a nod to the Easter bunny! Include a stuffed animal bunny toy, bunny ears, or bunny pajamas to get your little girl in the holiday spirit. Alternatively, we found this adorable bunny dress that's perfect for the day or season!

Top the look off with some bunny themed hair accessories or a purse and these adorable additions will make your little girl feel like the princess she is, and add an extra touch of whimsy to her Easter morning.

Fun and Educational Toys:

Incorporate small toys, activities, or a fun game that promote fine motor skills and imaginative play for some fun Easter basket ideas.

I love this because it gives little kids something to engage in while the parents get a breath through the festive day and it's supporting the child's growth/development.

For young toddler girls, consider a simple egg decorating kit like this, egg-shaped crayons or chalk, a mini puzzle, or activity books.

Once you have a 3 year old girl or older you can open the activities up to more things like bracelet making kits, more complicated Easter egg kits, DIY festive garlands, etc.

These items encourage focus, concentration, and independent play; but also help develop hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.

Easter Books For Story Time:

Add a special touch to your toddler girl's Easter basket with Spring and Easter books.

Choose interactive picture books or board books that tell the story of Easter in a child-friendly way.

Additionally, you can opt for books that celebrate nature or the Spring season. Some of our favorites:

Reading together is not only a great bonding activity but also enhances her language skills and nurtures a love for books.

Interest Based Toy Ideas

If you have a little girl obsessed with something, you can also easily theme your basket. I try to include something from each category on this list of Easter basket ideas: clothes, book, Easter activities, art supplies, a season toy to kick off spring, and anything else they may need right now.

Bluey Easter basket Ideas:

bluey easter basket ideas

Paw Patrol Easter Basket Ideas:

paw patrol easter basket ideas

Outdoor Adventure:

Spring is the perfect time for outdoor play, so why not include outdoor toys in her basket?

Add sidewalk chalk for creative masterpieces, a bubble machine for hours of bubbly fun, beach toys, or even new swimsuits to get her excited for the sunny days ahead.

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Sweet Treats and More:

Historically I'm a proponent of no-candy Easter baskets because kids get their fair share in the plastic eggs from Easter Egg hunts, but if you do want to include some sweet treats here are my recs:

A small bag of jelly beans, a marshmallow treat, or chocolate bunny for a delightful surprise and a nod to the classics. You can sometimes find healthier swaps for these:

Alternatively, you can skip the candy and include dried fruit or healthier spring themed items.

Practical Prep For The Season:

Since Easter and Spring are so closely tied, I often use this as a chance to fill the kid's Easter baskets with anything they need for the upcoming season change. This could be practical items like water toys that double as bath toys, new rain boots or toddler shoes, swimwear, or update any of their clothes they've outgrown in the winter.

Easter Basket Fillers For Girls

Beyond all the great Easter gift ideas mentioned above, you may want to fill your child's Easter basket with some other little ideas or personal touches. Here are some of my favorite Easter basket ideas:

  • Easter Eggs – yes they'll get a bunch during the day, but if you have small hair accessories, jewelry, or fidget toys that fit in Easter eggs, these can be fun to stuff in the bag for a little surprise
  • Craft supplies – fill gaps in the basket with markers, paint brushes, washable paints, pom poms, and whatever art supplies you're running low on!
  • Tiny wrapped individual chocolate bunnies or the perfect size to fill in any gaps
  • Silks instead of the paper grass – easier to clean up and double for pretend play and loads of fun activities! My daughter used this light blue one to DIY an “Elsa” costume the other day

Final thoughts on your child's Easter basket:

Designing a memorable Easter basket for your toddler girl is a wonderful way to make her Easter morning extra special. With so many great ideas and a careful selection of fun and educational toys, Easter-themed books, outdoor play items, and a touch of sweet treats, you'll create an Easter basket that brings joy, learning, and lasting memories with ease.

Toddler Easter Basket Ideas: Girl

Remember to choose age-appropriate items that spark her imagination, enhance her skills, and nurture her growth. And don't forget the fun addition of a personalized tag, which makes for a creative gift for kids of all ages and makes the Easter season all the more special.

Happyt Easer and have a joyful celebration with your little princess!