Six Months After Using Those Weird Period Underwear: THINX [UPDATE: 3 YEARS LATER + POSTPARTUM]

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Every wonder about those weird period underwear: thinx? I certainly did! In an effort to find a healthier solution to Aunt Flow and a more eco-friendly option for that time of the month, I turned to the brand SheThinx. This is my experience about Thinx underwear that I bought with my money. I first wrote this article after 6 months of using them and recently updated it to include my experience after three years wearing thinx! Including what the FAQ's I get like what happens if you put thinx in the dryer? How do Thinx hold up postpartum? And so much more!  

This post contains affiliate links. Thinx post originally published on 3/28/16, updated on 2/4/20

Around 2014, I kept hearing these horror stories about women leaving their tampons in for way too long, only to need their leg amputated. Growing up, I never believed the toxic shock syndrome warnings on  Tampon boxes. Tampons have been catching a bad rep for having some harmful toxins in them. One day I came across this Buzzfeed article where this chick tested out these period panties, Thinx. I remember being super skeptical, thinking “EW that is so weird.” Followed by “there's no way that'll work!

SPOILER: Over 3 years later and I'm still their #1 fan!

My mind flashed back to a middle school nightmare my BFF had in math class where she got up to use the restroom and Aunt Flow had left a little gift on her chair in the front row, I clearly remember the boys next to me snickering, to this day my stomach churns with embarrassment for her. Needless to say after witnessing that experience, I have always been a little anxious anytime I was menstruating. Frequently taking trips to the bathroom to make sure everything was “okay.” Even asking my fiance to “check my butt” when we are hiking.

I read through the Buzzfeed article in disbelief and amazement. My interest had piqued. I headed over to the Thinx website, only to find an amazingly adorable site and totally great customer service policy: your first pair ships free (and returns are free!). They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so at that point it was a no-brainer, I had nothing to lose. Some of the pairs are a little pricey (ranging between $24-34), but not compared to other period panties on the market. Plus you re-use them… just think about all the dollars you've thrown away on pads and tampons in your life!

I ordered my first pair of Thinx, The Cheeky, and eagerly waited.

It took like a month or two (this back in July 2015) for them to arrive off backorder. Finally, they got here! I took them out of the package and they were thicker than I expected, which provided me with some comfort, “these babies are durable,”  I thought.

Two weeks later my period came. That night I excitedly put them on to see how they held up… and I was SO impressed. In the morning, I felt so comfortable and secure. Quickly, I followed the care instructions: rinse in cold water, wash with like colors on the delicate cycle of your washing machine, and hang dry. I wanted them ready on day three of my period. “Impressed” with how clean I felt using these is an understatement. All my concerns, of feeling like I was sitting in a pool or that they would smell, totally disappeared.

After my visit from Aunt Flow ended I ordered another style, The Hiphugger. I wanted two pairs I could wash and rotate throughout my cycle. These also took a little while to get here. These wear a little tight in the thigh hole for my liking so I wanted to utilize the “free exchange” policy for a larger size. Their customer service team got back to me really quick and told me to keep them and “gift them or just spread the word.” They shipped out a replacement pair. This SOLD me on them! I started telling EVERYBODY about how awesome the undies are and how awesome the entire company/brand is! A few of my friends bought a pair and fell totally in love too.

I remember washing them after my first period and thinking “How is this fabric really going to hold up for the long run?” Fast forward to after my third period where my fiance accidentally put them in the dryer, I totally freaked, “would the magic fabric still work??” I can happily report, as I write this, I have successfully used Thinx for more than 6 cycles, and they are still slaying.

UPDATE: I've been using those Thinx now for over 4 years, and they are STILL holding up and doing amazing!!!

What happens when Thinx go into the dryer?

Trust me, I've had a few “oops my thinx went in the dryer” moments! But don't worry, they still hold up great. In fact, I still use those pairs over three years later.

How do thinx compare to competitors?

I've tried other comparable brands and Thinx are still my absolute favorite too. They feel high quality compared to others that feel kind of cheap. Plus when you put them on, you feel secure. I never worry about leakage or anything. With other brands they've felt loose or flimsy; and while I never had a leak in those brands, I just don't feel as secure as I do in my Thinx.

How do Thinx work postpartum?

I don't thin Thinx are recommended for those initial days home after having a baby and experiencing postpartum bleeding… but honestly I'm not totally sure. Personally, I preferred using a pad with the hospital mesh underwear since I'd add a Tucks into the mix a lot and it just felt cooling. I also appreciated the extra padding a pad offered those first few days (if you know what I mean!). 

With that said, as far as how Thinx held up after my first postpartum period, they did amazing and honestly I wouldn't have survived without them. In fact, I wasn't prepared for the *heaviness* of my first postpartum period and actually bled through my leggings at Target with just a tampon. So let me just say, you will 100% want your Thinx for your first postpartum period. You will need ALL THE BACK UP! No one warned me and I wasn't prepared. 

I love the mission behind the company too… “Breaking the taboo surrounding menstruation.” I wish they were around for my BFF and I in middle school!

Get your pair of Thinx here! They are a game changer!


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