8 Things I Loved In September

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Before we go into things I loved in September, I want to acknowledge how October has started.

I was going to try to post this the other day, but with the tragedy in Las Vegas, it felt weird and sad to go forward with posting (tbh, even the title of this post feels weird). I still don't have the words to express how sickening this is, and instead of simply saying “thoughts & prayers” I want to remind you all to take action.

Right now, there is a bill that would ease regulations on gun silencers. As I write this, I know some Republicans are saying this bill has been shelved… but LBH, this is also a system that rejected two background check measures just days after Orlando last year… So do your part. Call your senate representative (202) 224-3121 and say no to ease gun regulations. Write you Congressman and let them know you believe in common sense gun control laws (here's a guide on how to do it!). If you're still feeling overwhelmed about contacting your representatives, here's an easy guide also.

Other ways you can help:

Donate to the National Compassion Fund

Donate to the Go Fund Me page started by Clark County (Las Vegas) Commission Chair


Alright, back into my originally planned post for Things I Loved In September.

I can't believe it's been two weeks since the last post! If you're on my mailing list, you know I took the second half of September off to go on my honeymoon! Here's a look back at some of the highlights from lsat month:


When E and I got together in 2012, I was a graduate student and he was just starting his company. Over the last 5 years, one or both of us has been in the start-up grind. We both had our own businesses, working crazy hours, and have never actually taken a real vacation together before. Don't get me wrong, we've traveled a bunch over the years, but it was always work related or for a family obligation. Never just the two of us unplugged which is what these last two weeks were supposed to be.

TBH, I couldn't completely unplug. I was like 85% unplugged, but the life of a blogger is definitely not as glamorous as it seems on Instagram. Typically I work 14 hour days and truthfully, my brain has to always be on for that next shot or inspo moment. So while we definitely got some vacationing in, I was still checking emails to see what was pressing, editing and reviewing photos to make sure I got the shot to share with you all in the coming weeks/months, and working on some content for later this month.

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On the way to Hawaii we got to spend a quick half day in LA. One of my favorite places to visit! I love getting my little fix of Venice and checking out all the amazing shopping on Abbott Kinney. I wish we would've been able to stay an extra day to get a hike in and get my Santa Monica fix!

Venice Beach Sign

On the way back from Hawaii we were only in Cali for about 8 hours. We got in really late that night and the Red Roof Inn PLUS+ graciously hosted us as part of their new mobile site launch! Seriously, booking online has never been easier than Tap! Tap! Go! with their new platform!

red roof inn mobile - 1


The bulk of these last two weeks we spent in Hawaii! I've always wanted to visit and explore! We spent four days in Kauai and six days in Maui. We had so much fun exploring the islands, hiking, swimming with sea turtles, and so much more! I can't wait to share more details with you guys over the next month! Here's a little teaser:

Captain Andy's Raft Boat Tour of The Na Pali Coast

The Na Pali Coast is a breath taking Hawaiian state park in Kauai. The Kalalau trail takes you in about 11 miles, but that leaves, miles of unseen terrain. Lots of people opt to do catamaran tours for the coast line, but we were looking for something a little more fun and opted to do a raft boat with Captain Andy's. They warn you that it's not for pregnant women, people with neck or back issues, and so on. Honestly, I was starting to get a little nervous! You sit side saddle on the raft holding onto a rope for the 4 or 6 hour tour! It really wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. Our captain said it was probably a 3 out of 10 in terms of conditions, meaning it was pretty mellow day thankfully, and TBH, I wished it was about a 5 because it was really mellow IMO. We had a lot of fun jumping into the water, seeing a sea turtle, and checking out some caves on the coast line. (Photos coming in a future post!)

The Fairmont

If you're visiting Maui, I highly recommend The Fairmont Kea Lani! It was an absolute DREAM! We were greeted with lei's and a delicious guava juice. After that we were taken to a gorgeous villa which was amazing! We had ocean views from our bed, a kitchen, a cute little private pool, and quick access to the beach! To call this paradise/heaven on earth is an understatement!

The Fairmont Kea Lani Villa



Growing up I used to surf all the time. Every weekend in middle school I'd hit the local surf shop, rent a long board, and spend the day in the sea! It was amazing! I surfed for about two years before going with my uncle (who is a surf teacher in New Zealand) took me out. Honestly, I never really took a lesson before and just kind of figured it out with my friend. In high school, my dad got me my first surf board and I made a pretty common rookie mistake: I got a short board. It was way to hard to surf in our tiny waves and as I got bigger, the board was too light weight. After many frustrating hours in the sea, not catching any waves, I gave it up (but still have that board). When we decided to go to Hawaii, my husband wanted to take surf lessons as a “must do,” I almost backed out, thinking of all the times I'd been thrashed in the past. Ultimately we took the surf lesson with Ina from Maui Waveriders and had the best day ever! Catching the first wave right away felt like coming home and now I want a new board haha!


Surviving Irma

I honestly can't believe Irma was just last month! It felt like the hurricane that took over my life and never seemed to end. Then in a blink I was in Hawaii and times just need to slowwww down for a minute. Irma was different than other hurricanes I survived, you can read all about it here.

Coping With Anxiety

Last month with Irma, traveling and being away from work, you could say my anxiety was pretty high. It was great to revisit my journey of how I've learned to cope with anxiety in real life over the last decade.

What'd you love about last month?



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29 thoughts on “8 Things I Loved In September”

  1. Lauren Falardeau Pariseau

    I loved that you include real ways to make a difference in this post. It’s important to feel this deeply, but equally important to use those emotions to make real change. Love it. Also, your photos of Hawaii are gorgeous and I’m super jelly. We were supposed to go there for our honeymoon but ended up in the BVIs. Some day we will make it there!

  2. Elizabeth Johnson

    I’m so glad you’re back! Looks like y’all had the best time!! And that photo of you and E in the ocean…oh. my. word!! Y’all are so beautiful together!

  3. That’s so wonderful to hear all the good things about you me vacarion. I’m also happy to hear that you were okay with how hurricane Irma was. These are all awesome things to bring a little joy.

  4. What an amazing trip and so well deserved!! Beautiful pictures! So glad to hear y’all were okay and safe with Hurrican Irma <3

  5. It looks like you had such an amazing time! So glad you were both able to get away, at least a little bit – I’m sure you both needed it after the stress of the hurricane. I hope Tucker was excited to see you!

  6. Congratulations! Your honeymoon looked like a lovely time! There’s so much sadness and tragedy in the world right now, from natural disasters to unthinkable acts. It’s easy to let it all get to you, but it’s still important to live your life and enjoy every moment that you can.

  7. Ashley Stephenson

    It looks like you all had such a great time!! It is so hard to unplug but when you do it feels so great!

  8. I love the ways you highlighted taking action on gun control, it’s a BIG deal and I personally think we all need to do more than think and pray. We have the ability to act! I’m happy September ended with a beautiful trip to Hawaii. It sounds beautiful and so relaxing (even if you couldn’t unplug completely).

  9. You look SO dreamy in all of your Hawaii photos – I’m so glad you and E got to escape and enjoy a beautiful vacation together – you both deserve it!

  10. I’m so glad you got to getaway and unplug even if it wasn’t 100%. Everyone needs a little break every now and then : )

  11. i love how to you shared ways to take action in LV. i’m originally from there (no one i personally knew got hurt — but everyone works in the industry, so they were locked down for HOURS) and the way that city came together in this time is beautiful. like a phoenix out of the ashes.

    the west coast and hawaii are my happy place! you look amazing on that surf board!

  12. Oh wow I always wanted to visit Hawaii ! I totally wish I could surf but I have terrible balance LOL!

  13. Wow, I would love to visit Hawaii! And also thank you for sharing about Las Vegas – not a lot of bloggers feel comfortable talking about politics and stuff but it’s so important!!

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