14 Things I Loved In June (and May)

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JUNEEEE… oh how I love theee! June is probably my absolute favorite month. It just feels like a fresh start. All the sunshine and the ocean feels like a bath tub and it's just total bliss in my book.

14 Things I Loved In June (and May)

Turning 30

My 30th birthday felt like such a milestone! I celebrated across the Podcast, blog, and Youtube! Seriously, I remember turning 20 and just crying – I never thought I'd live to see the day. Then to reflect on how many amazing things happened in my 20s was a really great reminder how things can change. How we can go from broken and in despair to a life beyond our wildest dreams. Listen to E and I discuss turning 30 on the podcast here. Watch my Youtube video on why this really is a defining decade here. And read the blog post where I answer YOUR questions and share some of the things I learned in my 20s on business, personal growth, and motherhood here. Lastly, check out what I believe the greatest gifts we can give ourselves are at any age here!

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Abundance Mindset

In line with turning 30, it really got me thinking about how much I've grown and changed. Particularly as it relates to my mindset. I shared what an abundant mindset is, why you need one, and some tips for adopting one in this post.

How to put poor behind you and become wealthy

This month got me thinking a lot about the future. It's easy to keep believing lies about money and feel like your situation will never change. But what takes courage, is to break free from the lies. To recognize you can become wealthy. I shared these tips for becoming wealthy in your 20s and 30s.

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Protecting our pooch

With Summer comes a lot of time outdoors, which means more risks for our little furry friends! This month I shared my top tips for a happier and healthier summer with pets here! Some of them may surprise you!

Reducing Stress

With a five month old and hurricane fast approaching, stress can definitely creep up. I shared my 10 Quick & Easy Ways To Cut Stress From Your Life ASAP as a reminder to myself. Sometimes we just have to focus on what's in front of us and other times we can do our best to put plans in place to reduce stress.

Setting boundaries with time

I released Season 2 of the podcast! I really am just calling it season 2 to create a mental break for myself. The podcast was feeling draining and uninspiring for me. I'm all about staying passionate and inspired while creating content. I share more about why I started a season 2 and tips for setting boundaries with your time in this episode.


I totally spaced out and forgot to do a things I love in May post! So here's what you may have missed:

New office, who dis?!

So last month, I shared our daughter's moon themed nursery reveal here! I talked about how a lot of the items we chose were multi-purpose. Meaning they aren't “baby” items, but items I can later use to transform the space into my office! Well, I fell so in love with the room that I couldn't wait to take it over! So baby girl got moved into her “big girl room” and I took over the nursery as my office!

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Summer reading list

If you're on my newsletter you caught some of my summer book recs!! If you aren't on my newsletter, what are you waiting for?! Sign up here! I share stuff there I don't share ANYWHERE else! But you can still check out these self-help books to get you through the summer in the meantime!

Mood boarding

Now that we've been in our new house for a few months, I got to mood boarding! I want our house to feel cohesive and the best way I could come up with that is to create a mood board. Check out our home's mood board here! I also share tips for creating your own mood board – especially if you have an eclectic style like me!

Celebrating my first Mother's Day!

My husband wrote me the sweetest letter for Mother's Day! It made my day! I honestly can't believe that I'm a mom. It feels like I've been one my entire life! Although, the fourth trimester wasn't the easiest, I shared my tips for surviving the 4th trimester here. I also shared the untraditional ways I prepared for labor here.


Here are the products you guys have been DMing me about this month:

– Baby pool floats: We LOVE this one for the UV protection and she could fit in it wedged from 2 months (we always kept two hands on her though) and this one for the smart design which helps them get used to swimming (and there's a UV protection option too)! Really it just depends if blowing it up matters at all!

– Succulent soil: A lot of you caught my insta-stories about my succulent growth! This is the soil I repotted them succulents in once we got them home from the store to help them growww!

– Lighting system: This is the lighting system I use for my Youtube videos! It's also $20 off right now!

Let me know if you like this product update addition to these monthly updates and I'll keep doing it!

How was your June?!