8 Things I Loved In March

Just like that, in a blink of an eye another month down! Now that Reagan is here, the months both feel like they are flying and super slow… I guess that's where the phrase “the days are long but the weeks or short,” or something like that, comes from! Because that's how time feels right now. We had so much fun binge watching some TV, going on our first more “kid” themed outing (even though I was going to go last year without a kid!), and finallyyyy moving! I know, I feel like I'd been talking about moving for like a year HAHA!

Read on for all the things I loved in March:

TV Show: The OA

The OA's second seasons came out on Netflix FINALLY! Seriously, this is one of my favorite shows (this and Queer Eye are probably tied for first place – which also came out in March and I LOVED! Probably the best season yet) on Netflix. Or really any station. I wanted to single out The OA though because I feel like it's a lesser known show but literally SO SO SO good! If you've loved the podcast episodes with Shaman and astrologers and the like, then you'll LOVE this show! I know it's TV, but honestly think it's one of the realest shows we have on TV today. It's suspenseful, mysterious, deep, and there really isn't anything quite like it out there. One of the creators stars in it as The OA, and she's mapped out five seasons so I'm spreading the word because we need to see all five seasons!!

Reflecting on the first month as a new mom

The first month with a newborn was a total whirlwind. Before having baby, I thought there were a lot of decisions to make: to bank cord blood, or not? home or hospital birth? and so much more! But nothing compared to that first month when our daughter actually arrived. I tried to capture it in words in this post; but truthfully, I don't even know if I did that month justice.

Somehow, I found ways to cultivate optimism as a new mom along the way. Because I realized that when my cup is full, I can let the overflow take care of my family. But if I try to take care of my family while running on empty, we are all just inhaling fumes and choking.

Saving money

I LOVE SAVING MONEY! I mean, who doesn't?! It really feels so rewarding finding new and creative ways to save money and I shared 20 of my fave on the blog last month here! Personally, the ways I've used the library have always been my favorite so def actually read the subheadings, not just skim!!

Some extra ways I save money: by taking my own photos rather than hiring a photographer. Early on, I figured out how to create an at home photography studio on a budget and it's been a total cash saver and has helped me earn more

And even the getting FabFitFun spring box allows me to save massively! It's only $49.99 (use code “TCMLOVES” for $10 off your first box!) and you get over $200 worth of goodies! Check out all the contents of the FabFitFun Spring Box here!

What are your favorite ways to save?

Communicating effectively

I know everyoneee seemed to feel some pressure in March! It was super heavy energy at various points for so many and def led to a lot of interesting conversations around here. It inspired me to share some of my least favorite communication strategies in this post on Harmful Communication Tactics To Drop Today!

Celebrating The Confused Millennial turning 3!!!

AHHH I can't believe March marked the blog's third birthday!!! She's growing up so fast!! HAHA! Seriously though, jokes aside, this past year has been such a gift beyond my wildest dreams. My first year felt like a rocket launch, my second year felt like getting lost in the woods, and this past year felt like returning home. I can't thank you all enough for reading, sharing, and joining me on this journey! Read more of my reflections and lessons from my third year blogging here.

Buying our first home

We had no idea we'd end up buying a home when I was 38 weeks pregnant! In fact, it was the last thing on my mind! But low and behold, we walked into this house (we had gone to look at for fun on during an usually cold day in FL), and left wanting to put in an offer! Read more about how we unexpectedly bought a house and take a peak inside our new home here!

Mental Health #realtalk

I sat down with Cheryl Muir to chat all about mental health on the podcast this month and I loveddd our conversation! We covered everything from the stigma of mental health, our own personal journeys, twelve step fellowships, supporting others with mental health issues, and so much more! Give it a listen here!

The Big Bounce America

This month E and I took baby girl to the biggest bounce house in America! It travels from city to city and was recently in our area! We had so much fun bouncing around. We attended the juniors session, where you had to have a child under the age of 7 in order to bounce. We felt super safe and secure with Reagan strapped to my chest and honestly think it was the best nap she's ever had!

What'd you love about this month?!