10 Things I Loved In July

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Thank you to Cosmetics Hideaways for sponsoring todays post. As always, all thoughts, opinions, and experiences are my own.

10 Things I Loved In July


Ever since I was a little girl, I believed in all things woo-woo, supernatural, and energetic. I used to have dreams that would happen in reality. As I've grown older, I learned how to harness some of that energy to manifest things in my own life. I loved your response on the abundance mindset post, so I decided to share my 7 steps to manifest anything you desire in life! Practicing these steps really allowed me to make anything happen that I set my mind after.

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Elevating blogging

I am overjoyed that blogging is my career. I love teaching you guys and consulting with your on your own blogs, and believe it's a truly amazing industry. Which is why I partnered with my friend Katherine, a PR professional and blogger, to write about why bloggers need to stop bashing brands! Seriously, if we as bloggers want to be taken seriously, both individually and as an industry, it's our responsibility to elevate it and act like true professionals! In the same vein, I shared a throw back post of tips to help you create content your audience will love!

Cosmetic Hideaways

Something you might not know about me is that I rarely carry a purse! I usually just carry my key, credit card and ID and a chapstick with me everywhere I go. The most annoying of all those to carry is my chapstick by far since they others just lay flat in my clothes. Which is why I am SO excited to have discovered Cosmetic Hideaways! They create products to conceal chapsticks or lipsticks, like this beautiful necklace!

fashion accessories, hide cosmetics, unique fashion accessories, women's trends


The struggle of #summerbrain is so real for me lately! Between attending multiple conferences as an introvert, and traveling, my brain is a little fried. I figured I can't be alone in the struggle so brainstormed 115 lifestyle blog post ideas!

Meeting friends IRL

At Her Conference I got to meet some of my blogging friends in real life!!

Darrian was one of the first people I met through blogging. We immediately bonded over the impact of disabilities on millennials and how confusing navigating the rehabilitation system can be. It's such a specific niche that I rarely get to geek out with others over. Her blog and youtube channel cover a lot more than that, and her energy is absolutely contagious!

Sarah is one of the few college blogs I truly love! She actually has two sites now that she's out of college, College Compass (all things college) and Sarah Laughed (all things adulting). She actually lives overseas so it was a major surprise to see her in a session and I'm SO happy we got to connect!

Erica and I basically talk every. single. day. I'm more likely to call her if I'm upset about anything than any of the friends I have locally. Our first “hang out” was a four hour Skype date. I loveddd meeting her amazing husband too! She always told me that he and I were basically twins, and honestly it's true! I was having a NYC melt down (not my favorite city in the world) and I swear he spoke straight to my soul getting me to calm down.

Email Etiquette

In line with elevating the blogging industry, I've been paying particular attention to email etiquette lately! Particularly to tone and directness in exchanges and the impact they have on a relationships. Check out my top do's and don'ts of email etiquette.

Guest Room

Our guest room is the next one done in our new home! I love finding ways to take care of our environment and stick with natural products, so we focused on upcycling for our guest room!

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Looking back on my career

As we enter August, I always wax a little nostalgic about my career. I'll be sharing more about it this month, but May 2014 is when I graduated with my master's degree in counseling, and July and August were when I got fired twice in under 30 days. Honestly there are so many things I wish I knew before entering the workforce. I know everything happens for a reason, and that time in my life was the Universe doing for me, what I couldn't do for myself. I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to attend Her Conference where I listened to keynotes from Troian Bellisario and Lisa Sugar. Their stories were so relatable and reminded me about the importance of soft skills in becoming a leader.

Washing my hair with beer

I washed my hair with beer last month…and loved it!! Seriously, I was SO shocked! I don't drink and absolutely hate the smell of alcohol, so I was pretty skeptical. But I heard such amazing things about how beer makes your hair stronger and shinier, and it's true! My hair feels so soft and I'm obsessed!

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Tucker's in middle school

Ahh Tucker's in middle school!! Tucker is legit the smartest dog Eric or I have ever had! He gets commands so fast! But we think if he was a person, he'd be on the spectrum. He just doesn't get social cues. So school has been a great way to learn social cues, and improve his impulse control when he gets fixated on something, while learning adorable commands like paw!


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  1. So exciting that you and Erica got to hang out, y’all are some of my favorite bloggers! So excited for Tucker, I’m going to be the same way as a dog mom haha.

    Your content has been great! Can’t wait for August!

  2. It is such a fun time to meet those we know only through the halls of the internet, especially bloggers! So great that you enjoyed yourself and were able to have a good time together!

  3. Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

    Meeting friends in real life had to be so fun! I’m about to do the same next month on my next trip to Walt Disney World! Don’t you just love the power of the internet?!

  4. OMG WAIT how cool is cosmetic hideaways tho!!?!?! I want one!!! Also YAAAAS TO US FINALLY MEETING. I feel the exact same way – you’re top of my list to call for pretty much anything, from emotional support to legal guidance to himalayan salt lamps to reality TV shows. hahaha ILYSM

  5. Robin @ And Then We Tried

    Love the whole round up of articles from July. Plus definitely need to try washing my hair in beer now!

  6. I’m so excited to read more about your career journey! I’m right in that spot of wanting a full-fledged career and being absolutely terrified to enter the actual work force.


  7. Jessica Bradshaw

    I always adore your photos. The beer hair washing was such a great post. I was able to meet some internet friends IRL this month too! It’s the best. 🙂 Sounds like you had a great July.

  8. So cool that you got to meet some blogger friends in real life! I also love that necklace to hide your make-up. What a genius idea! I need to read more about manifesting!

  9. I loved the post about washing your hair with beer! I’ve recently had to go gluten free in both my diet and products, but I’ve been telling all my friends about that product.

    1. Yeah it’s true. I was getting skin irritation from a body lotion and my doctor said I have to watch for gluten in products too. It’s definitely been a learning experiment!

  10. Cosmetic hideaways is legit the best idea ever! I think I *need* one in my life…. like need! Love! And, I can’t wait to check out your post on manifesting.

  11. Sounds like you’ve had fun this past month! Cosmetic hideaways is something I freaking need, I’m the type of person that needs to carry chapstick with me always too. But girl pants hardly ever have real pockets!!

  12. I LOVE this!! I’ve been manifesting lately too, for the first time EVER and I find it amazing!!! I’m so glad I’m not the only one haha!

  13. Washing hair with beer?! I can’t wait to check out your post! So intriguing! I feel like you and I are on the same wavelength after learning about some of your favorites this month. I’ve totally been tapping into and owning my woo-woo-ness 🙂

  14. OMG Tucker is so cute! LOVE. I kinda LOLed at your NYC meltdown. I grew up just outside the city and lived there for a few months so I LOVE that city, but totally understand how it can be overwhelming. I kinda joke that I get in my NYC mind frame before I go.
    Also, that necklace lipstick thing? Genius.

  15. i loved this post! And I love that your pup is in middle school! 🙂 so cute. I wish I could have seen you and erica in NYC, looked SO fun!

  16. Omg your dog is too cute. At first I thought you were talking about your kid (same same really) but I didn’t realize you had a kid lol.

  17. What a great post! It’s so nice to see that relationships that are formed behind the screen can be successful offline too!

  18. Love that Cosmetic Hideaways necklace – I could seriously use one in my life haha. And congrats to Tucker!! Also, very envious of your guest room haha!

  19. I love that necklaces it is so nice. I love the beer hair wash, I was my hair with a bottle of beer and it came out great. You have a fun month.

  20. Oh my gosh, all the things. 1. that necklace is so cool, 2. love the beer hair and omg 3. I can’t even handle your pups graduation…mine would not sit still enough to be photographed lol

  21. You are the sweetest!! It was so nice to finally be able to meet IRL and I’m honestly still buzzing about it. Our talk definitely reignited my passion for things so I can’t wait to get started working and advocating again! Also, this goes without saying but Tucker is the cutest.

  22. I’m trying to be more focused in my blogging, and July was a good month for me, too. I love meeting blogger friends in real life, and I must try that shampoo!

  23. I love so much that you shared in this post! The cosmetic hideaways looks like such a cool idea, I always have lipstick on me so I could see myself using it!

  24. Sounds like a busy and insightful month! I can’t believe washing your hair with beer is a thing! I never knew that. Your dog is so cute. What kind of breed is he? He reminds me of my schnauzer/poodle mix.

  25. Those photos of Tucker are ADORABLE! Congrats to the little guy for reaching middle school! That cosmetic hideaway is amazing. I keep chapstick and a pen in the coin purse section of my wallet so that I can just take that and go, but this is a great option to go completely free of any sort of bag.

  26. Sounds like a great month! I’ve started dying my hair again after years of taking a break and I can see so much more damage now. I’ll have to check out the beer post. 🙂

  27. Love this! Sounds like you had a great month full of goodness. I can’t wait to go to conferences one day. There are never any near me, which means chucking up the money for not just conference tickets, but flying and lodging!

  28. Such a lovely post. Sounds like you’ve been busy. I’ve read so many are washing their hair with beer! I’m going to check out that post now to see what happened. I definitely need my hair to shine more!

  29. OKay, that photo of Tucker in his graduation cap is TOO CUTE! We LOVED taking Rosie to puppy school and it really helped us learn how to teach her. So jealous you got to meet E (but loved seeing the pictures) and can’t wait until we are all together down the road!

  30. Had no idea you were an introvert too, Rachel. I swear, I’ve connected with soo many introverted bloggers recently, and it’s been AMAZING.

    Also, after a couple of Skype sessions with other bloggers, I now can’t wait to meet them IRL—I know it’ll happen some day! 🙂 So awesome that you were able to hang out with blog friends at the conference…that’s like a dream!

    1. Yes!! People are always surprised to learn that since I am really outgoing and talkative… I just am also very reserved and need like a bajillion hours to recover from everyone’s energy (I’m also an empath so the recovery from energy is extra bad). Where are you based out of??

  31. I always love your posts!! It’s so fun you got to meet so many blogging friends in real life! Also, yayyyy for Tucker!! <3

    – Kaitlin

  32. Bethany Frazier RD

    I love that necklace! I am with you I normally just carry my keys and my little wallet that doesn’t leave room for my chapstick.

  33. I haven’t met any bloggers IRL yet, but hopefully soon. So fun that you’ve had that opportunity! I could never fit all the stuff I carry around in that cute little necklace. lol

  34. OKAYYYY Rachel I seriously loved so many things about this post! First off when I saw that picture of you & Erica on Insta I was so so stoked! It’s really cool as a fan to see two SUPER STELLAR bloggers come together!

    Also, I really love the way you upcycled your guest room! It’s simple + chic + love that it’s environmentally friendly. PLUS, those urchins!!! What! Great idea.

    1. Awe you’re so sweet!! Yes!!! I started TCM after a bad exchange where a sister was trying to push me down and really built this with the mission of lifting others up and building real connections (time permitting of course!) And those urchins have always been a favorite item over the years!!

  35. Loved your post about washing your hair with beer–I’m totally looking into that! And omg that chapstick necklace is the cutest! I had to look twice to actually see that it was big enough to hold a chapstick!

  36. Elizabeth Johnson

    I love your monthly recaps! Congratulations to Tucker! He is seriously the cutest. That Hideaway necklace is amazing! I know several ladies who would love that!

  37. Sounds like an awesome month! 🙂 Your pup is seriously the cutest! I loved your post about washing your hair with beer–still need to try those products AND I can’t wait to have my first bloggers IRL meetup later this month! So exciting that you got to meet so many lovely ladies!

  38. Danielle Randall

    I think it would be great to meet some more bloggers. I am abroad right now so it will be challenging but hopefully I can find some. It looks like you had a great July and the guest room looks great!


  39. I love that your favorites aren’t just products, but things you did throughout the month! I’ve never heard of washing your hair with beer; sounds so interesting! Also your dog is adorable 🙂

  40. July looked like an awesome month for you! It looked like you had so much fun traveling on Instagram. And I HATE purses too! Totally need one of those hideaway necklaces.

  41. Lindsey McClure

    Fellow introvert here! Loved looking through this post and especially appreciated the Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas! I need help brainstorming, and these are great! Thanks girlie!

  42. That cosmetic hideaway sounds amazing! I’ll definitely have to look into them! You had lots of loves in July. I’m hoping to meet some blogger friends IRL soon!

  43. Kristen Osborne

    This is such a wonderful post. I love how you not only site things outwardly but you are also introspective. These types of posts are so refreshing to read. Especially these days with all the negativity in the world.
    Thank you for sharing this great post!

  44. Sounds like such a great month! I can’t believe you washed your hair with beer! That sounds so cool! I am totally going to read up on your email etiquette post!

  45. Lauren Falardeau Pariseau

    That hair mask sounds interesting! I am particularly fond of beer, so I’m worried it may just make me thirsty!

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