10 Things I Loved In August

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Happy September!!

Time is really flying! I am so happy that August is over TBH. Every year that month feels like a bit of a rollercoaster. Even so, here are 10 things I did love about August 2017:

Looking Back On My Career

If you've been keeping up, you know August marked three years of leaving the 9-5 grind for me! It's been an adventure as I've navigated through the realm of entrepreneurship, pivoted my business a few times, and found happiness through it all. I loved sharing the story of how I got fired twice in a month and how getting fired can be a good thing. I think it's important to do certain things when you get fired that will help you leave with dignity and grace intact. Even though it can certainly sting, try to remember that you have no idea what will unfold in your life. I never in a million years would've guessed I'd become a full-time blogger and blog consultant; and I love it! I can't even describe how much I love it, but trust me it's a wholeeee lot

Rachel Ritlop The Confused Millennial Coffee Shop


Honestly, I've been working so much that I feel like I've barely had time to watch movies and tv at my usual (preferable) levels! But I truly believe movies and tv are some of the best teachers I've had in life, especially when in a crisis. Last month I rounded up my favorite movies for a quarter life crisis. Trust me, you're not alone in your feelings, and I hope you find some comfort and inspiration in these movies (and a good laugh of course!).

Doing Absolutely Nothing

Like I said, August is an emotional month for me every year. I have no clue why but I just find that I need to take a step back and do nothing especially if I'm on the road to burnout and my work-life balance is out of whack. Which is exactly what I've been working on. I think we try to force ourselves to tackle some small tasks, but I've found that the more I try to force myself to do something, the longer the slump lasts. Instead, I give you permission to just veg out and enjoy those movies I suggested earlier!

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Eye mask c/o | Pillow c/o | Blanket (c/o)


In the vein of not doing anything… OUR COUCH IS HEAVEN ON EARTH! I literally never want to get off. If you follow my Insta-stories you know about my obsession with our Delilah couch from City Furniture. We went to the store, sat on this thing and never wanted to get off. It's got seriously deep seats and a down top – think falling into a cloud, then take that feeling and amplify it by 5 million – yeah thats what this couch feels like. It's really affordable (honestly I thought a couch like this would go for $5k+) and we are obsessed with how our living room is coming along! The full reveal will be up in October, but I cannot get enough of lounging with the hubs and Tucker on this beauty! If you saw on my insta-stories we had a bit of a trouble getting the couch up the stairs #townhouselivin so we swapped it out for the sectional and I think it came out even better for the space!

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Delilah Couch (c/o)

Doing Stuff Alone

I've always been a bit of a drifter when it comes to friends. I keep a very small, tight knit, circle and then everyone else is kind of noise to me. While I like them, I am awful at keeping up with them. I used to think there was something wrong with me for feeling this way… but I realized I am my own best friend. I really can never escape my own company, so why not embrace and celebrate it? Which is why I loved the guest posts in August about traveling alone and things to do alone in your 20s! It's important to take this time to get to know yourself, not the person everyone wants you to be, but who you truly are.

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E's Birthday!

Well E officially hit his mid 30s! I can't believe that all of his friends have two kids already and we are over here with full hands from our fur baby! I honestly don't know how parents manage it all. I tip my hat to you! But more on baby making thoughts another day… Instead I want to chat about what I got the man who has literally everything. Birthdays are super tough for us since we both just buy ourselves whatever we want when we want/need it.

Generally we skip gifts and focus on doing things for one another. But then I found Pistol Lake. Turns out he had been obsessing over the men's athleisure company. Their shirts gotten a ton of press for being the coziest mens athleisure – and let me tell you they do not disappoint! Their clothes are made right here in the U.S. with a super cool fabric called Eudae – made from Eucalyptus pulp and recycled bottles!!! Seriously how cool is that?!? It's really light weight which is perfect for our hot and humid South Florida temperatures! I even got a shirt for myself since I'm always stealing his Henley's ?! Once I got it – he was totally jealous and now wants his own Henley in addition to his T . With E's birthday being this month, it was the perfect gift for the guy who has everything and is always on the lookout for athleisure he can actually wear to work!

Shop for your man (or for you) here.

Delilah Couch (c/o) | Pistol Lake Shirts (c/o) | Similar Cactus Pillow | Target Pillow Colorful | Leggings


#Truth: I feel like H2O+ made all of their products with me in mind. I've never been so truly obsessed with all of the products I've tried from a brand. So this may be a little TMI, but I've had a persistent rash in my underarms for about a year. I recently had a really bad flare up of it so I had to cut ties with deodorant, my body wash, basically every product on my body… and let me tell you, I smelled ripe. One day I couldn't take the smell I was going through PR samples when I picked up the Lemongrass Vetiver, their dry body oil, and it felt and smelled like heaven! I started using it every day, just a spritz on my chest and even under my arm when I felt like they needed some moisture and this has been a life saver! My skin is so soft and I have no idea how I've lived so long without this product. I also tried out their Aquadefense Collection with matcha green tea and rice bran extracts #amazing.

Tucker Graduated Middle School

Seriously, they grow up so fast! He's on Summer break now until late October – but can we hit pause and let this cutie just be a pup for a minute! Pretty soon he'll be driving off to college ?.

Face Masks

Like I've been saying, this month was all about R&R for me. I loved trying out some new face masks, like H2O+'s gel sheet masks and a bunch of yes to's (E even had a charcoal sheet mask)! I always see bloggers sharing yesto's products on Instagram and have been dying to try them for myself. They are super affordable and have tons of options for all suits or skin types and needs, shop them here.

Flamingo Fun

Flamingo  |  Similar Sunnies

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74 thoughts on “10 Things I Loved In August”

  1. It looks like you had a good self-care month–and those are always needed! Also, your pup is the CUTEST thing ever!

  2. Sometimes more chill-months are exactly what we need! August was definitely that for me, especially in terms of blogging because I was starting to feel burnt out and I needed to take some time to travel and be in the moment. Loved this! Your couch looks SO comfy!

  3. Sounds like a great month to me! That couch really does look like heaven! I would love to get our living room some new furniture, but I think I’ll wait until the kids are just a little older.

  4. It sounds like August was a great month! So cool how that athleisure brand has stuff made out of Eucalyptus pulp and recycled bottles!!

  5. I loveeee face masks! I also haven’t tried H2O+ products so I’m going to have to check them out! I loved your posts on being fired – great, inspirational reads!

  6. My daughter would agree with your couch statement about our couch. She actually said she misses it now that she has moved to the dorm.

  7. OK, when I read ‘Tucker Graduated’ I was not expecting to scroll down and see a dog ha ha! I’m always forcing myself to do small tasks and I realize the more I do it the more miserable I am! That couch is gorgeous. I’ve had the same couch since my first apartment and I am so ready to invest in a new one.

    1. HAHA! Yeah, he’s our starter child lol And i love the self awareness about the small tasks! that’s why I wrote the “things to do when you don’t want to do anything” because I think we keep pushing ourselves and it only goes against what our body and mind is asking of us! — and thank youuu I would highly recommend City Furniture! They have tons of deep seat couches at a great price. I am never going back to a regular couch!

  8. Elizabeth Johnson

    Yay for birthdays! I hope E had a great birthday! 🙂 Those shirts look amazing, I definitely need to check them out! I’ve been wanting to get Michael some shirts that are in between his button down shirts for work and a plain t-shirt. More like a dressy type t shirt. Tell E we say Happy Birthday!!

  9. It’s funny that you mention doing nothing because I’ve been feeling the same way, I really needed to take a step back in august and really kind of do nothing and get myself in the right headspace.

  10. Kelsey Caroline Nagel

    Sounds like August was a great month for you! So many fun activities paired with always needed you-time! That couch does look super comfy, and your dog is precious!

  11. Such a sweet post. Seems like you had a great month! I love the sound of the couch – sounds so relaxing.

  12. Tucker is the cutest. I love that you recognized you just needed to veg and allow yourself space so you don’t get burnt out. I am definitely not good at the self care, so I’ll have to try out some of those face masks!

  13. We’re actually couch shopping right now! And I haven’t really loved much of what I’ve seen for sale here in Malaysia. Oh well, it’s a worthwhile quest to get just the right one!

  14. That couch looks so comfy. Happy birthday to E! I get what you mean about being happy to see August go. August was a very long month with lots of “stuff.” This month is has always been little rough as things shift from but now it marks the loss of my grandmother so it’s a time filled with lots of reflection and memories as well.

  15. I totally agree that having time to figure stuff out in your 20s is key. Don’t feel rushed to have babies! They’ll come when you’re ready. Happy birthday to your E (and that couch looks amazing!)

  16. Kaitlyn Fickle Killebrew

    Omg Tucker? so so cute! I am to impressed that you go and do stuff by yourself! That’s a concept I struggle with!

  17. Stephanie Parrell

    Congrats on your success with your career! I think that is such an awesome accomplishment. I would love to be able to leave my job and work in the way you do. And yes your couch looks all manner of heavenly!

  18. I love doing nothing when I get the chance too! For me, this hasn’t happened TOO much lately, but I’m working on it! Tucker is soooo cute!

  19. Love that you take your dog to classes! I take my Benny to The Martial Arfs and he has become so well behaved the past year and a half! I recommend everyone take their doggies to training classes. Not only helps their behavior, but also keeps them mentally engaged xx

  20. I love being alone too. The older I get, the more I like it. I used to exert a lot of energy into being outgoing, but I usually am pretty pooped after a weekend of socializing that I need the whole week to recoup.

  21. Tucker is so adorable! What a cute pup. I’m happy when people take a step back from work to just focus in other things. We are definitely not machines. I need to try H2O+ sounds so good!

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