9 Things I Loved In August

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Oh August! I think this may have been my favorite month of the year so far!!

Budgeting for entrepreneurship

Firsttt, if you caught my July things I love post – you know that E has been home with me every day again as he left his 9-5 and things with his new company began picking up! I'm happy to say it was at the start of this month that he officially signed with an advisory group! Meaning that they're on a solid road to funding for his new venture! Which is SO exciting! So it's a double whammy of getting to spend more time together, and go back to our roots as a couple (the majority of our relationship, we've both worked from home so him being at work was a big adjustment). Anyway, even though he's on the road to funding, we still had to revisit our budget now that we are a single income family. I shared our top tips for preparing your household budget for entrepreneurship to help you see what we've learned over the years since one of us has been an entrepreneur at all times these last six years!

We spilled the beans…

That we're pregnant! It was SO hard keeping it a secret these past few months and I'm SO happy the cat's out of the bag! I can't thank everyone enough for the love and support on Instagram, the blog, and podcast after we shared our pregnancy journey! I also shared my first trimester symptoms (plus tips for getting through all the common first trimester symptoms) here.


Walden Meditation Cushion

The first trimester really threw off my routine. I didn't have the motivation to work out or meditate and honestly was beginning to wonder if I'd ever feel like myself again. Like if I couldn't bring myself to meditate now, how would I do it when a baby got here?! Then I got this meditation cushion from Walden and it totally changed the game! It's like I needed to feel excited again about my practice, and sitting on my Walden definitely gets me SO excited!

The Walden Meditation Cushion insides are pretty well weighted with memory foam and organic buckwheat (and it's hypoallergenic!). It really adapts to your body while still letting you feeling supported which I LOVE. The outside is SO clean and gorgeous! It's water-resistant, anti-microbial, has a handle, and I really just love how easy it is to clean. It also is the perfect little boost of height. I've incorporated it into my yoga practice as well to lift my hips or use in my Mālāsana pose (wide knee squat) and it's been perfect!

Plus it's made in New York! If you've been a reader for a while, you know I love supporting US based companies! I really needed a dedicated space for my meditation (especially since it feels like my body isn't really mine sometimes), and it just feels like the perfect little spot to be present and find comfort during such chaotic times. I know it may be early to start thinking holidays – but this would make a FANTASTIC gift for the wellness junkie or even just stressed out millennial in your life! Shop Walden Meditation Cushion here.

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 Shop Walden Meditation Cushion here.


Talking about finances as a couple

Well if it wasn't clear from prepping our household budget for entrepreneurship and a baby on the way, but talking about finances as a couple is SO important! It's a conversation we started very early in our relationship and I'm so happy we did. In this video I shared why it was so important to me that we talked about money early on, plus my top tips for talking with your significant other about finances.

Reflecting on college

August and September always bring me back to school! Even though I've been out of the “student” realm these last few years, it's still fun to reflect back on that time. This month I also shared some of my back-to-school “must-haves” that you can actually use *after* college and they'll save you money in the long run!


Okay truth, if you follow me on Instagram, you know that I actually did not *love* NYC. I'm just not a New York person, what can I say. BUT I did love getting to spend some time with my friends Katherine from The Weekend Fox and Kier from Kier Couture! True Story: they both found me on Instagram! So you can make real friends/connections on the ‘gram! See, it isn't all Instagram frustrations and algorithm complaints!

dress from Gal Meets Glam

Getting real about self love and happiness

I think this was a big thing coming up for me in learning I was pregnant to begin with – and then getting to talk with my friend Justin on the podcast made it even better! Justin had a tough upbringing, and ultimately lost his mom at a young age. He shared so openly about his own journey in life and with self love and happiness that this episode could be my new favorite!

Talking with a psychic medium!

Ahh I met with Natalie Miles for a reading and then had her on the podcast and WOW! She's so gifted! She helped me heal and work through a lot of past life trauma I was holding onto. In the podcast episodes we talk a little bit about that, and so much more! The first episode covers everything from what is a medium and how to become one, and increasing your intuition! In the second episode we go deep on working with your spirit guides!


I will say this over and over but manifesting is SO fun! I shared this post on my tips for manifesting anything you desire in life. Plus having my Walden meditation cushion to sit on while manifesting totally helps ?.

Also I learned from my podcast guest, Jenna Zoe who's a human design expert, that there's actually a way to tell if you manifest specifically versus generally by looking at your chart! I manifest specifically, meaning the more specific I am about what I want, the quicker it comes if there's not blocks and I'm expanded. I was feeling that “summer slump” that a lot of bloggers feel – it's generally our “slow” season for making money and new partnerships. When I decided I was going to focus my manifesting efforts on new partnerships that aligned with me. I listed out the characteristics of what I was looking for in a brand partner and sure enough, the next week I landed over $4,000 in a couple of new brand deals!


dress from Gal Meets Glam


And that's it! What did you love about August?!