Thanksgiving Toddler Activity: Feed The Turkey

thanksgiving toddler activity feed the turkey

My daughter LOVES this low mess, ready to set up in 5 minutes, toddler activity for Thanksgiving called “Feed The Turkey!” This fall themed toddler activity is a spin on the montessori classic “object permanence box” toy. It works fine motor skills too! Even better? It'll have your toddler entertained for daysss!! Seriously, we've had this out in our playroom for over a week now and my daughter plays with it multiple times a day, everyday!

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  • Black or brown jar or an old tissue box or a coffee canister (which is what I'm using) – you can use a mason jar, solo cup, whatever really!
  • Brown paper bag or construction paper or brown paint
  • Googley Eyes
  • Yellow, red, and orange construction paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Ladel/spoon (optional)
  • Balls or cards or coins
  • Saran wrap (depending on the jar you chose – see notes below)

Step 1: Create your turkey form

Select what type of jar or cup you'll use for your turkey form. I went with a coffee canister but you can really use anything you have on hand.

Next cover your container so it's all brown. I used a brown paper bag, but you can use construction paper or paint.

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Step 2: Decorate your turkey

If you have an older child around, have them help you with this turkey craft! I used googley eyes and some red and yellow construction paper to create my turkey face. I used red, orange, and yellow construction paper to cut out “feathers” and just taped everything onto the turkey form.

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Step 3: Lid

If you used a tissue box, you're all set.

If you used a coffee canister, cut an opening in the coffee canister lid that matches the shape of the items you plan to give your toddler. For instance, I planned on giving my daughter balls, so I cut a circle just a little smaller than the balls I planned on giving her – this way she needed to use some force to push them in. You could also do slits to make a coin slot.

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If you went with a regular mason jar or cup, etc. and want to create a more challenging opening, use some saran wrap. Cut a slit in it so the saran wrap takes the same shape as a tissue box opening and just secure it onto your jar with tape, hot glue, or rubber bands.

Step 4: Play!

Next you'll just give your toddler the “turkey” and some pom poms/balls, or cards/coins. If giving round items, give them a ladle or spoon to use as a scooper and have them “feed the turkey”

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NOTE: you will need to open the lid to reset this for your toddler when they run out of space in the jar or out of items!

There you have it! An easy, 5 minute set up toddler activity that's basically no mess to keep your child entertained while you get Thanksgiving Dinner on the table or just have a moment to relax!

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A simple, no mess, thanksgiving toddler activity that only takes 5 minutes to set up called "Feed The Turkey!" It only requires items you already have at home and is the perfect way to keep your toddler entertained this fall during the holidays, cold days, or rainy days!