The Confused Millennial’s Liebster Award 2016

 Looking to discover new bloggers? Are you a new blogger yourself looking for advice or a blogging community? Check out The Confused Millennial's Liebster Award 2016 — The Confused Millennial. Plus there may be some surprise dance moves!


Ahhh! I am so excited to write this post! First of all, huge shout out to the hilarious Terry Ann of Accidentally Adulting for nominating me for this Award!  Her blog documents her choices and struggles with adulting in a totally real and hilarious way, so go check her out!

For those of you who don't know, The Liebster Award is all about discovering new blogs! Bloggers nominate other bloggers for it, how cool is that? Talk about community! Each nominee can choose to accept, answers questions from the previous blogger, and shares random facts (for official rules scroll over the award later on in the post).

Check out my responses below:

Who is my favorite blogger? The blogger who has totally inspired me is The Balanced Blonde (TBB). I first heard about two years ago from a friend (Mrs. Adventure of Mr. and Mrs. Adventure). She shared how TBB blogged about being vegan and healthy eating, only to develop disordered eating habits and an obsession with healthy eating (called orthorexia) and made the transition out of veganism. She got a ton of backlash and cyberbullying as a result. This girl has literally created an entire lifestyle brand around her blog and overcame so much that it truly inspires me to do the same with my blog.

What is your favorite TV show? Uhm I literally can't decide. I probably watch 50 hours of television (at least) each week! I usually always watch an oldie (Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Dawson's Creek — Who else is super stoked about The OC coming to Hulu?!?), with the current shows (Quantico! New Girl, Nashville, Gotham, Scandal) and Binge on one Netflix shows at a time (Kimmy Schmidt, Cuckoo, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, etc.), oh and of course Girls, Silicon Valley, and Game of Thrones! If you ask me for a TV recommendation I will probably ask you what your mood is and types of genres, and how invested you want to get before making a recommendation that is pretty dead on. Heck have you seen my post about my favorite Netflix hacks?

What do you love to do but suck at? DANCE! I will just leave this here…

3 Biggest Pet Peeves? OMG there are too many to count… Liars, people who lack integrity and don't follow through, or put on a false persona, and tapping (like your fingers or knees)… Oh the list goes on…

Knowing what I know about life what 3 things would I warn my younger self about?

1. It's okay to talk about emotions and ask for help, even if the first few people tell you “no”.

2. You are not invincible and fear is healthy.

3. You are your own person.

What is a deal breaker in a relationship (romantic or platonic)? Haha it's more like a set of traits that I find are commonly bundled into people I break up with in life: Lack of respect, lying, manipulation for their own needs.

What trait do you admire most in yourself and others? Empathy. It was a hard skill for me to learn (What up Dr. Del Moro and Interpersonal Communication Skills!) – to truly understand the difference between empathy and sympathy… but once it clicked it changed my life. The ability to truly understand someone else's feelings or perspective and not make it about you or put a silver lining on it so difficult (it goes against everything we are taught growing up), because it means getting in touch with a part of ourselves we are often afraid of and not flipping the script to make it about ourselves, but rather sit with that person in their struggle. For more on empathy, I'll share this video I often showed while working as a counselor with my groups where Brene Brown does a great job explaining it:

If money wasn't an object what would I do with my time? Exactly what I am doing now! Volunteering, blogging & coaching… I want to leave a positive impact on others which is why I created a business that aligns with this purpose.

If I were stuck in an elevator for 12 hrs who would I want to be stuck with? My fiancee. We would make sweet dance videos, laugh, and probably cry because I would get claustrophobic.

What is one random fact about you? I don't know how to laugh properly and sound like a hyena that often gets hiccups.

I nominate the following bloggers for the Liebster Award

1. Mr. and Mrs. Adventure – also check out their interview with TCM here.

2. The Happy Arkansan

3. Katelyn Blogs

4. Ditching Adulthood

5. Lost Gen Y Girl

6. Sugar Spice and Sparkle

7. Seashells + Sparkles

8. Monogrammed Magnolias

9. The Pink Lyme


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