Surprise! Pregnancy Announcement To My Husband

Okay… the title of this.. can you imagine if this was my pregnancy announcement to my husband?! My blog post?!? HA! Nope, he already learned about the surprise “bundle of joy” on the way a few months ago and I'm so excited to announce our pregnancy with you guys too!!

After taking my positive pregnancy test, 4 days before our 4 year wedding anniversary, I decided to keep the news to myself and make it a surprise pregnancy announcement for my husband. I knew I wanted to come up with some creative ways to tell the husband I was pregnant with number 2. And this seemed like the ultimate anniversary gift, right?!?

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Watch my surprise pregnancy announcement to my husband:

Before we get into how I told my husband I was pregnant for the second time, I want to say this: waiting those 4 days until when I'd tell my husband I was pregnant was SO hard.

Of course, you have to figure out how long to wait and tell your husband you're pregnant and do what's best for you. But for me, it was SO hard. Especially because I find out I was pregnant during National Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month… it was actually Baby Loss Awareness Week – so every time I opened my phone I was faced with story after story of miscarriage. That's about when you guys saw me go dark on social I think… I just couldn't handle it. On top of those 2 things… our actual anniversary is national remembrance day for miscarriage and pregnancy loss… so even when I just went on real quick to post our anniversary video, I was bombarded with yet very real reminder of how fragile things are at this stage.

And while I do believe these are beautiful and healing opportunities for people – it just wasn't in my best mental health interest being newly pregnant, alone, and already nervous about the stress of a pregnancy during a pandemic.

While I've never had a miscarriage, my mom believes she had one after me which for some reason led me to believe (in combination of everything else) that I was going to have one. And I certainly worried every day that I opened my phone and saw another story that it was the Universe warning me of something. A feeling that I honestly still haven't felt comfortable with. I don't pretend to know what it is like to have a miscarriage, but after experiencing that, in combination with the disappointed from negative pregnancy tests, I can imagine an iota of what women go through and my heart goes out to each and everyone of you.

Staying off social media

Also with that said… I stayed off social because once that passed, because it was the election. And then the second wave of lockdowns/resurgence and it's just been a horrible place to spend time for me right now. So if you haven't heard from me/seen me watching your stories: no I didn't unfollow you, no I didn't block you, yes I still love you, I just can't be on social and have very little interest/desire to be on it right now. If I do go on, I literally do like 2-3 things then dip. I even have a thing set up where it caps me at 20 minutes on Instagram for the day.

Add in the fact that I was detoxing (more on that in my next post), and I was just a total nervous wreck while waiting for when to tell my husband about my positive pregnancy test. The relief I felt when I could finally talk about all of that was oh so sweet.

Anddd before I get into my little creative surprise pregnancy announcement to my husband, be sure to check out our first pregnancy announcement here! You'll see, telling him was VERY different the first time… in the sense that he knew I was taking the test and was 150% confident I was pregnant. And while he was 99% confident I was pregnant this time around, I through him off my scent with my detox symptoms and other things (again, more on that in the next post!).

How I Told My Husband I'm Pregnant With Number 2:

Since I found out less than a week before our 4 year wedding anniversary, I knewwww I wanted to do something cheesy/special and creative. Especially since we don't typically do gifts for each other. We tend to make something, write letters, or do an experience.

I shared this video about how he took me on a private jet that day for our anniversary – but I didn't share what I had actually done for him: a little scavenger hunt to announce my pregnancy!

That morning, I could barely contain my excitement!

I knew I had to play it cool, so I went about our morning as usual. He takes a bath each morning, so when I heard him starting to get out of the tub, I slid the first clue under the door and scurried back to our room.

He was SO funny during the entire scavenger hunt. Making up rhymes, coming up with jokes. I was literally laughing the whole time. A few of the clues really stumped him – and I was SURE that by the end he'd be able to guess the surprise pregnancy announcement, but nope!

Creative Clues For Your Surprise Pregnancy Announcement To Husband:

  1. You're about to work hard to find every clue. So first, bring me my morning cold brew! – I thought about putting the clue in the fridge with the coffee, but he always wakes up hours before me and I didn't want him to find it, so I just handed him the second clue after he brought me my coffee in bed (which he does every morning anyway).
  2. This next clue is sure to bring joy… go to where we store all the toys!
  3. Have you heard the news? the next clue is where we keep our shoes!
  4. I get bigger when I eat… But die weaker when I drink… what am I? (he had a real hard time with this one, even though I put the clue front and center in the fireplace and if he just looked he'd see it, ha!)
  5. The next clue will keep you on your toes… go to where we keep our clothes! (I put it at eye level/ where he could see it on his toes)
  6. I get hot and I'm made of metal… a witch once tried o feed me Hansel & Gretel (Ironically he got this one SO easy – and I was nervous that he'd know the answer at this point with the “gift” literally being in the oven)

ANSWER: Surprise! You were right! There's a bun in my oven and it's a delight!

I thought I was being SO creative and even put the pregnancy test and answer card in a brownie box. Thinking he'd think I just got him fancy brownies… Because get it… baked goods in an oven. But nope, he opened that box with such fury he didn't even notice what the box said!

Obviously, from the video you can see it took him a minute and he was totally surprised. Which I thought was hilarious because the week before he was SO sure I was pregnant!

Other than my period being late I didn't have any traditional “early signs.” The period being late didn't weird me out either because I'm still nursing and it was only my second? month off birth control.

But if you watched my Insta-stories, you saw we are doing a heavy metal detox as a family, and I ended up having a parasite purge (literally like 100 parasites left my body) the day before I found out I was pregnant. So I guess the parasite purge ended up throwing him off the scent and he really thought it was just the bad food/parasites and detox symptoms!

How long did you wait to tell your husband you were pregnant? and how did you tell him?!? I'd love to hear!!

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