Super Simple Gold DIY Easter Eggs

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I love Holidays! In general, I totally buy into the festivities no matter what religion the holiday belongs to. I just love how they bring people together and usually have yummy food and fun crafts surrounding them! Last Easter, Lauren Conrad posted these cuties:


lauren conrad
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So this year I decided to try my hand out making these cuties… only thing is that I am left-handed, and the struggle is so real. I kept having to maneuver the egg so I wouldn’t smear it with the side of my hand, leading to things slanting all over the place.

I am not totally sure how LC made her super cute eggs, but I took a guess and bought a gold sharpie.

I started by hard boiling the eggs. Let them cool to room temperature once they finished and dried. Then I grabbed my gold sharpie and went to town. I messed up a few of them, so I rolled them over and used the other side ? . They took me about 5-10 minutes, I like the ones without words, just fun little designs. The gold sharpie really gives them a nice and clean finish, IMO.

Not sure how safe it is to eat the eggs post sharpie, but I figure if I crack the shell and get it off quick enough before the chemicals soak into the egg, we should be good for some nice egg salad after this experiment? I hope? We will see… haha.

So how did they come out?

Next year I will definitely opt for more of a “hay” type of “grass” rather than the full on blue Easter grass… I also saw this cool idea for putting flash tattoos and making tribal eggs! I just couldn’t find any flash tattoos (apparently they are so last year).

How are you celebrating Easter? Make sure to share your eggs with me in the comments!  I would love to see them!

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