EASY DIY Summer Monthly Milestone Picture For Baby Boy Or Girl | Photoshoot Idea

Monthly milestone pictures are a great way to track baby's growth the first year! And I can't believe our baby boy is already 2 months old AND we are closing out summer so soon! I remember my birthday (first day of summer) knowing he'd be coming any day that week! And here we are with another monthly milestone picture! I hope you can use this step-by-step tutorial as a simple DIY photoshoot ideas for your baby girl or boy!

EASY DIY summer monthly milestone picture for baby boy or baby girl including props, outfits and photoshoot idea tips!


Step 1: Cut your sun and ocean

I just used scissors to cut a “wave” from blue poster paper. Definitely go a little bigger than you think you'll need if you can so it really covers the bottom corner of your shot!

For the sun, I used a sun graphic I found on Canva and imported it to my Cricut for cutting. You could just cut something out free hand or print and cut a sun out as well. The Cricut is just easier and gives really clean lines.

Step 2: Set up your beach

Find the most naturally sunny place in your home. This is where you'll set up your photoshoot. Try to avoid flash or overhead lighting!

Lay out a sandy colored blanket. In a bottom corner place your “ocean” and on the top place your sun.

TIP: Babies face should be in line with the natural light to minimize shadows on the face.

Step 3: Accessorize!

From there, think about where your baby will go on the blanket, then add some accessories. I used a shovel and sandcastle we already had. You could also use an inner tube, sunglasses, a lifeguard whistle, mini surfboard or whatever! Here's some prop ideas (swipe for more):

I also used this letter board. One side is pink, which I used for my daughter, and the other side is grey. It's small enough to lay next to them and get in the shot without overcrowding it.

Here are some fun outfit ideas for this summer milestone photoshoot:

Step 4: Photoshoot time!

I personally like to have everything set up so I can just lay baby down and snap the pictures really quick.

TIP: Have your partner around to help play music, make funny faces, or jingle a rattle if your baby isn't too interested!

In taking baby milestone photos for over a year now, I find that doing it about 15-25 minutes after they've eaten is best. This minimizes the likelihood of spit up during the photoshoot if you follow the wake-eat-play-sleep schedule; but also ensures they aren't cranky for their next nap.

This is everything I used exactly, minus baby's swim shorts. They are from this brand and a limited release, but you can get $15 off your order when you click here! But there are some other outfit ideas for your photoshoot with a boy or girl below!

Summer Monthly Milestone Picture Outfit Ideas:

Swipe for them all!

Easy DIY monthly milestone pictures for baby boy or baby girl during summer months of june, july, and august!