Subconscious Programming + Facing Our Triggers with Jena Sophia

Welcome back to the subconscious mind series! If you haven't listened to the last 2 episodes of the podcast (One Of The Best Things I've Done In 2020… followed by A Complete Guide To The Toxic Culture Around Apologies Today [+ How To Forgive]), I highly recommend listening to those first! They set the stage for our first guest expert: Jena Sophia. Jena Sophia is a Master Psych-K Facilitator (i.e. subconscious expert) and healer.

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In this episode we cover

  • What is the subconscious mind
  • How it's programmed before age 7
  • How it's programmed in adults
  • Real life examples of how this we perceive this playing out in 2020
  • Our vision for heaven on earth and reframing this year

And as a reminder: we are two human beings coming together in a conversation working through triggers and years of programming. Our views today may not represent our views tomorrow. Our only goal is to raise awareness to your own power and healing. We thank you for showing up with an open mind and open heart as we are all evolving and growing together. 


Follow Jena Sophia on Instagram and learn more about working with her on her website.

Listen to Jena's first appearance on the podcast here.