Sticky Wall Easter Egg Activity For Toddlers

Looking for an easy – no mess – Easter Egg Activity for your toddler?

Look no further! This Easter Egg Sticky Wall is SO easy! It takes 2 minutes to set up, and 30 seconds to clean up!

It teaches your toddler about colors, works fine motor skills, and is a great low mess activity to do indoors at home on a rainy Spring day!

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Step 1: Create your egg

You can create your egg three ways:

Option 1:

Cut out a square piece of the contact paper (no larger than your construction paper). Then cut an Easter egg shape into your computer or construction paper. Remove the adhesive on the contact paper, and cover with the construction paper. This will give you just a sticky egg shape opening.

Tape this up wherever you'd like for your toddler. We use a sliding glass door, but you can do a wall, or tape it into a toddler table too. Just somewhere easily accessible and comfortable for your child.

Option 2:

Cut an Easter egg shape out of the contact paper. Tape that up wherever you'd like your toddler to do this Easter activity.

Option 3:

Cut a square or rectangle from your contact paper (whatever size you'd like) and just draw an egg shape on with marker. This is better for older toddlers and preschoolers who understand the concept of “staying inside the lines.”

Step 2: Prep your tissue paper

In a small bowl, shred some of your tissue paper.

You can make this more challenging by adding toddler tweezers – we use one's from the Lovevery “Companion” Play Kit that are PERFECT for younger toddlers. You can order toddler tweezers here – but those are quite a bit harder for tiny hands (require more strength) and are better suited for 3-4+ in my opinion.

I set the bowl up on a side table next to our Sticky Wall Easter Egg.

Set up and clean up time:

This takes about 2-5 minutes to set up the first time (making the egg shape), and 30 seconds to clean up!

We've been doing holiday themed “sticky walls” for over 6 months now (since my daughter was 1 years old and is now 2 years old) and I love them.

If she doesn't finish it in one go, I just reset the station at nap time or at night and she'll work on it a little more the next day. I typically set it up and leave it up for about a week.

How my toddler (2 year old) enjoyed this activity:

She LOVED it! She In the past we'd tried construction paper and pompoms for our holiday themed sticky walls, but the tissue paper has been by far the biggest hit! I left the tissue papers strips as flat, next time I plan to scrunch them up some more. She loved trying to pick the tissue paper up with the tweezer, but the flat pieces were a little too challenging for her.

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Easy, no mess, Easter Egg Activity for toddler: Easter Egg Sticky Wall! Perfect low mess activity to do indoors at home on a rainy Spring day