EASY Spider Halloween Playdough Kit Activity For Preschoolers + Toddlers

Looking for an easy Halloween playdough kit activity for preschoolers and toddlers? Skip the playdough sets and make your own spider play dough Halloween activity with just a couple of affordable materials you probably already have at home!


For this Halloween playdough activity set, all you're going to do is take your supplies and set them out for your child!

It's REALLY that simple!

Looking for an easy Halloween playdough activity for preschoolers and toddlers? Skip the playdough kits and make your own spider play dough set with just a couple of affordable materials you probably already have at home!

You can model making a spider for young toddlers so they know what they are doing; but you really do not need to overcomplicate this Halloween activity!

Set up + Clean Up Time:

This took me literally 2 minutes to set up since it's just play-doh, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes in some bowls on a tray.

And it takes me about 3 minutes to clean up since I need to put the playdough back into containers so it doesn't dry out.


Teach your child to clean up after themselves! Before bedtime, we have our daughter “reset” any activities she didn't already clean up. So we take the time to admire her “spiders” but then help her put the eyes back into the eye bowl, pipe cleaners back into the pipe cleaner bowl, and playdough back into their bowls so the colors don't get messy. Then I just need to put the play dough in an airtight container!

Sensory Play Tip:

Playdough in itself is a great sensory play activity. Adding in the spider component makes it a great opportunity to work on language and imaginary play. My daughter had a blast acting out little scene with her spiders.

With that said, when it comes to sensory play ideas for toddlers and preschoolers, don't be surprised if they want to taste or eat the playdough! For this reason, I strongly suggest using edible playdough! I have a recipe for how to make edible playdough here – or you can purchase edible playdough from my favorite brand here!

Benefits of this Spider Playdough Set Halloween Activity:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Encourages creativity
  • Boosts language
  • STEM lesson in color theory
  • Sensory learning

How to make this a color theory lesson:

Use red, yellow, and blue playdough.

Give your child color combos on sheets of paper. So yellow + blue one one slip, blue + red on another, and so on to create secondary colors. You can purchase this pre-done edible primary color playdough set here or learn how to make your own playdough and color it perfectly here!

If your preschooler is older, give them the added challenge of creating tertiary colors from their secondary and primary color combos!

With that said you absolutely DO NOT need to do that!

She literally asked to play with her spiders every single day the first week I introduced this activity. It's so much fun for the whole family and playing with playdough has a very calming effect!

If you do this Halloween activity for your kids, I'd love to see it! Tag me on IG @theconfusedmillennial!


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DIY an EASY Halloween Playdough Kit using this idea for a fun halloween  activity for toddlers and preschoolers! Plus an easy Halloween playdough recipe for parents to make edible playdough!