How To Spend The Week Between Christmas and New Years

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Does anyone else feel like the week between Christmas and the New Year feels like those old Cheeto stained sweats you wore to literally ever class in college? Kind of familiar and cozy, but by the end of it you hate yourself and feel totally disgusted and wonder what the heck you were even thinking?



Ever since college I have spent this week in the exact same clothes every day and night, eating  wayyy to many cookies and cheese covered snacks; and when I finally move from my bed where I've been binging whatever fall hit show I fell behind on, I look in the mirror and wonder, “what the heck am I doing with my life?

Every year I swear I am going to use this week to “get my sh*t together.

I am going to…

– Create and schedule my workout routine

– Write out my meal plan

– Finalllyyyy clean my apartment and clean out my closet…

– Take down my Christmas tree before April (no joke, ever since I was 20 I have left my tree up until April).

– and basically just do ANYTHING that resembles being a “responsible adult”

But every year my week always ends up looking more like this:

– Staring at the pile of returns I “should” do but never get around too

– Eating my body weight in popcorn, chocolate, pizza, nachos, and Chinese food. every. damn. day.



– Staring at the grout build up in my sink and shower, wondering how people even clean that stuff off

Spoiler Alert: Here are 5 Cleaning Hacks For Confused Millennials that will help you with that!

– Meeting minimal hygiene requirements…*Sniff sniff* is that smell me — or the sheets — when was the last time I washed those?

– Watching 10-14 hours of TV every single day.

– Avoiding calling back any family members who may have reached out – because #drama and this is my gluttonous week before I finally get this #adulting thing down in the new year. amiright?!?

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But not this year.

This year I am officially in my mid-late twenties (it's a thing) and I am a wife and I am going to get my ish together. So here is my adulting game plan to channel my inner Bey and not turn into a total sloth who hates myself by January 1st:

– Set a date to take my Christmas tree down and actually take it down

– Write out a list of three “emergency” healthy meals that I can make in thirty minutes or less and always have the ingredients on hand.

– Actually schedule my workout routine in my calendar

– Keep a list in my phone for all the random thoughts about #adulting I have: like how do you clean shower and sink grout?

– Limit my TV watching to no more than 8 hours a day because I am an adult. And I have responsibilities. And this sh*t needs to stop.


I don't know about you – but just saying I am going to do a bunch of stuff doesn't usually hold me accountable. So I am setting up this negative reinforcement plan:

Infraction 1: 10 burpees

Infraction 2: 10 burpee + 15 push ups

Infraction 3: 10 burpees + 15 push ups + return one person's phone call or text I've been avoiding

Basically, I need negative consequences during this week to actually get my ass out of bed and put down the french toast casserole –> which  you would've seen if you're following my on Instagram or Snapchat!

How are you spending this week? Do you typically sloth it up or do you actually ring in the new year by killin' the game? If it's the latter, HOW?!?


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This post was originally published on 12/26/17.

96 thoughts on “How To Spend The Week Between Christmas and New Years”

  1. lol…I’m somewhere in the middle of the two extremes! Probably closer to the sloth side than I care to admit! hehe…The last half of this week will consist of getting my act together, though! SO much to prepare for in 2017…I’m gonna be ready! 🙂 Thanks for the real-talk here! hehe…

  2. Good luck!! I totally feel you–this last week feels so weird. I’ve actually really gotten shit done this week though! I put away my Christmas stuff ON Christmas, got rid of six pieces of furniture, bought two new pieces, and completely rearranged my apartment. I still have a bunch of boxes to take to Goodwill and a few more things to find homes, but I’m super psyched with how much I’ve gotten done! I just knew I’d hate myself if I went back to work next week without having had a productive break.

    1. So weird! I wish I had your motivation!! I got more done this week than I thought I would and actually set a date to get the tree down by so I feel like I’m #winning!

  3. These are seriously great tips to utilize the time between the holiday and the new year. I definitely need to clean out my office and start fresh!

  4. I spent it relaxing and catching up on blog work. I love your reinforcement plan! Sounds like you had a great week in between the two holidays 🙂

  5. Love all of your ideas! I might be a little late to reading it, but still so many great things to do! I have been spending this week cleaning out my closet and re-designing the blog!

    xx, Jamie

  6. This is a great post. Honestly, Is hould have taken more of your advice! I got some stuff done, crafts, diys, but I was such a homebody and hardly saw my friends. Our tree is still up, but that’s cause there’s still gifts under it for friends I didn’t see! LOL, it’s coming down today.

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