3 Creative Monthly Milestone Photo Ideas For Infants In September

Taking monthly milestone photos of your infant at home doesn't need to be hard! I'm sharing 3 creative monthly baby photo ideas for the month of September, plus tips to DIY your own fall photoshoot at home with prop selections and letterboard phrases!

September Photo Ideas:

  • Apples
  • Football
  • Back to school

Personally, I went with apples for both of my kids. They are easy and something we already had at home. Plus we aren't a big football family and the back to school theme required a little bit more in the prop department.

3 Baby Milestone Photo Ideas for the Fall month of September including tips, props and letterboard phrases to use when doing a DIY photoshoot at home with a baby!

Football theme:


If you are using a themed blanket, you don't need many other props. However if you prefer to use a white sheet as your backdrop, I'd suggest adding a banner to make it a bit more festive.

Football letterboard ideas:
  • Love you to the endzone + back
  • Full hands, Full boobs, Full heart
  • It's Game Time
  • Sundays are for football and cuddles

Back To School Photo:


You can get super festive with this! Some parents like to dress baby boy's in suspender outfits, glasses can be a fun touch too if your baby is big enough to keep them on their face. But as long as you have the right props, this can actually be a pretty easy photo shoot! Just read on for the tips about framing your photo!

Back to school Letterboard Phrases:
  • Class of YEAR
  • First day of X months old!
  • Working on (insert whatever your baby is working on)
3 Baby Milestone Photo shoot Ideas for the September including props, tips, and letterboard phrases to use when doing a DIY photoshoot at home this fall with a baby!

Apple Themed Fall Baby Photos:

  • Apples
  • Green foliage
  • Blanket or sheet
  • Letterboard
  • Basket (Optional)
Simple, easy DIY monthly milestone baby photo shoot ideas for the month of september from apples, football, and back to school themes with props and letterboard phrases and tips to use at home!
Apple Themed Letterboard Phrases:
  • Everyone has fallen for me
  • You're the apple of our eye
  • We've fallen for you
  • I'm so cute, even the leaves are falling for me
3 simple, cheap, and easy DIY photoshoot ideas for creative monthly infant photos at home!

DIY Infant Photo shoot Tips:

Lay out your blanket or sheet in an area that's well lit and evenly shaded to avoid weird shadows.

Shoot in bright, indirect light and in-line with the light source (e.g. back to window).

Set up your area BEFORE bringing baby out! Make sure to double check that you like the framing of things through your camera!

Stand DIRECTLY OVER baby – use a step stool if you need to get more height!

Have another person help out or use a rattle to as close to camera lens as possible to get baby looking in the right place

If it takes more than 3-5 minutes to get the shot, try again later!

how to take creative monthly infant photos for baby at home in september and fall months

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