Rose Water: Everything You Need To Know [Benefits, Uses, & DIY]

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Ohhh rose water how I LOVE the!

You guys might remember, what a rough time I had when I went off birth control. I had the worst cramps (both around my period and ovulation), and felt hormonal and totally out of balance. BLECH. Around the same time I went plant based and my skin was breaking out like crazy. I posed the question on Instagram asking for help/solutions when my shaman told me to try rose water… and when shaman says to do something, you do it.

Benefits of Rose Water:

✔ Has anti-aging properties

✔ Relieves/helps with cramps, PMS symptoms, and mood swings

✔ Cleans pores, reduces redness

✔ Maintains the skins pH balances

✔ Alleviates anxiety, is a natural mood booster

✔ Anti-bacterial properties of it aid in healing scars and cuts

✔ Anti-inflammatory properties help with eczema, acne, and dermatitis

✔ Has been said to relieve headaches and sore throats

Basically sounds like a miracle right?! It's no wonder that true rose essential oils cost like $100!


Using Rose Water:

For drinking:

You're probably most familiar with rose water in your facial products (there's tons of toners and mists) – but drinking rose water can also be a total game changer for women! As women, we tend to take on other's energies and it throws off our menstrual cycle and can lead to increased anxiety, moodiness, and even depression. Rose water is a great way to bring your feminine energy back into balance.

You can find rose water at your local grocery store. Often times it'll be a small glass bottle, shipped in from another country, and costs around $5.00 (this is the one I buy). You won't find it in the water aisle, but instead check the cooking aisle (like where you'll find sauces and oils). This stuff is STRONG and most people cook with it, not drink it.

I made the mistake of taking a giant gulp from the bottle the first time… oops! Instead add a cap full of the water to your regular water (or kombucha or tea or anything else you think it'd taste good in!). You can add more if you'd like, but I think one cap full once a day is a good starting point. Some days I'll drink more, some days that's it. On the days I started feeling cramps come on I would immediately begin drinking and my cramps would subside within the hour. Personally i love drinking daily because healing happens from the inside out!

For your face:

Since it has amazing anti-aging properties and reduces redness and acne, definitely get this stuff on your face! Personally, I loveee Thayer's rose water toner. I use it every night after washing my face with african black soap (I've used this one before and love it! And I've heard great things about this one too.)

I also started using rose facial oil (found it at Trader Joe's) and then doing my ice rolling each night and have to say I love how hydrated and fresh my face feels!

If you don't want to buy any fancy toners or mists, you can simply wash your face with rose water (the same one you bought to drink) at night or spray a mist of it on your face! This is an especially great habit to get into after you've steamed your face to really tighten the capillaries!

rose water benefits, diy, rose water recipes, rose waters uses products, #rosewater, #rosewaterdiy, #rosewaterproducts

For your home:

Simply add the rose water to a glass spray bottle and mist away! This is great to relieve anxiety and boost your mood! Just spray it on your pillow, blanket, clothes, whatever really!

rose water benefits, diy, rose water recipes, rose waters uses products, #rosewater, #rosewaterdiy, #rosewateruses

P.S. Yes, that's a glass water bottle I'm re-using! Whenever you buy stuff that comes in an amazing spray bottle, just rinse it out and keep it! I've had this one for years!

Making your own rose water:

Note: I personally don't think it's worth the hassle to to do this. I don't have a garden so going out and buying rose petals only to go through this process feels like a lot of work when I can just go out and buy rose water. But thought I'd add the “how to” in case you do have a rose garden or are feel uber ambitious ?

DIY Rose Water

Cooking Time: 20 min


  • 1 cup of (packed) organic rose petals
  • Pot and lid (without any holes to keep the steam in)
  • Mortar and pestle (optional)
  • 2 cups distilled water



Bring water to a rolling boil


While the water boils begin cleaning and separating the rose petals


Add the rose petals to the mortar and pestle. Mash/bruise them -- *if you don't have a mortar and pestle you can tear them


Add the rose petals to the boiling water and stir a few times


Put on the lid


Let the petals continue to boil until they have no color left in them


Once the color has left the petals, remove the pot from the heat. Let it sit until completely cooled.


Strain the petals from the water, while adding the water to a glass container or into a spray bottle for easy use


Once cooled, you can add...   ? A few drops of essential oil (just make sure it's food grade if ingesting!)   ? Add jojoba oil or coconut oil   ?Add aloe very gel or juice   ? Or anything else you'd like to explore! STORING: The water will keep for about a week at room temperature or for about two weeks in the refrigerator.

Do you incorporate rose water into your wellness routine?

If not, are you going to now?!?


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