How to Get In The Right Mindset Before You Start Manifesting

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Today's blog is answering a reader question on a topic near and dear to my heart: manifesting! Specially, how to get into a manifesting mindset! Here's what the reader wrote:

“Hey! I wanted to see  if you have any suggestions on good materials to start with when it comes to setting intentions/getting into alignment. I have been trying to incorporate more manifesting into my life but I feel like there aren't as many beginner resources out there about getting into the right mindset or alignment before you start manifesting!”

UGH I loveeee this question! I think it brings up SUCH a valid point about being energetically ready to manifest. Because truthfully, if we are out of alignment and not in our “power” then manifesting just isn't going to have the same effect.

A few initial thoughts on manifesting:

1) Manifesting comes from the conscious mind.

Meaning you think your thoughts and they appear in reality. On the flip side though, depending on your locus of control, you'll only ever be able to see what you're willing to see. Meaning the Universe can send you all of the signs and messages that it's manifesting your thoughts, but if you aren't willing to see the truth, you'll miss it all. which leads me to…

2) Manifesting really lies in our subconscious.

Meaning that if we have unresolved and unacknowledged blocks (whether from trauma, or “past life” karma) we may not be able to truly manifest the things we want.

3) Resources for unblocking your subconscious

The BEST resource I've found out there is Psych-K. It taps into your subconscious faster than any hypnotherapy type of meditation or work. You work with a Psych-K practitioner to tap into your subconscious and transform beliefs and remove blocks. I highly recommend Natalie (work with her here). It really allows you to get into the subconscious and remove those blocks that you may not have even known were holding you back. Another option, is to of course, book a session with an amazing healer like Shaman Durek which really helped me clear out some old stuff too.

Regardless of what you choose to do on those fronts, I also want to point out that it's never a “one and done” scenario. As we continue to have human experiences, we continue to pick up and unlock different things, meaning we have to continue to heal things and remove blockages.

Getting into the “right mindset”

Which is where I want to transition to the part of the question on the “right mindset.” First, I want to say, there is not right or wrong mindset. Everything is simply energy and a reflection of where you are at in your evolution, meaning it's all a gift of growth.

Now to work through that growth, I think a daily practice is essential. IMO, manifesting is not just “think a thought” and magically you'll have everything you want. Nope, it takes a regular daily practice and lifestyle to bring all of your manifesting power into your body. Which is why I wrote this post on how to manifest anything you desire with 7 simple steps. Notice I talk about removing blocks and repeating in it. That's with good reason since that's where the “mindset” and energetic vibration lies for “getting into alignment.”

Save this for later! >>>

How to Get In The Right Mindset Before You Start Manifesting:

1) Set the intention to be intentional!

Showing up to your day to day life presently and consciously is huge! Truthfully, I think it's the only intention that really matters since any intention you'd set thereafter is reliant upon it. Pay attention to your thoughts, the conversations your in, the TV shows you're watching, etc. They are all ways you're training your brain to think (and manifest). So for example, if you always watch TV shows about women in their 20s struggling to climb up the corporate ladder and being undervalued by their boss… and then get into similar conversations with your friends… I think it's safe to assume, you probably feel undervalued in your life.

^^^ That is where a big key lies for getting into the “manifesting mindset.” Typically our vibe attracts our tribe… or in this case, our ability to manifest. If you're keeping yourself in lower vibrational stories about being undervalued, you're going to keep attracting the “undervalued vibe” from all over the Universe and no matter how many times you scream at the top of your lungs “I'm worth it!” it won't change anything.

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2) Use loving discernment to discover what's in the interest of your highest good

Paying attention to your daily life is great, but it's still a muddy place to be in. So let's kick this up a notch and analyze the messages you're downloading daily by asking, “is this sentiment coming from a place of pure unconditional love?” If the answer is no – then it's time to kick it to the curb or transmute it. You see in order to manifest what's in the interest of your highest good, you need to keep your vibration and mindset in that place too. Which means actually taking your newfound awareness and analyzing if it's in your highest good.

3) Releasing

Now that you know what messages you're downloading and whether or not they are from a place of unconditional love, it's time to take some action and release them!

When starting out, I recommend just kicking stuff that doesn't serve you to the curb. This applies to everything from the TV your watching, books you're reading, conversations your participating in AND observing, music you're listening too… and well you get it.

Anything that isn't lighting you up gets cleared out in the beginning. Since it's probably a new practice and I feel like learning to transmute and push energy is the step you'll eventually take after you've practiced this for a little. I do want to stress that transmuting energy is essential though. Banishing lower vibrational interactions is not a permanent solution, but right now we are focusing on refilling the tank and self preservation to get you into alignment.


If you caught episode 9 of The Confused Millennial Podcast with Walaa where we talk about using color to live your best life and heal, then you probably caught the end part, where she helped me remove the block I'd put in place on receiving more. You see, I was raised with a mantra passed down from the women in my family that went like this, “I'll have to pay it back in blood,” referencing any time I accepted or received a gift. It was my mother's belief, and her mother's belief, and so on.

But I know, that when we allow ourselves to receive more, we are moving towards community, and truthfully giving a greater gift to the person who is giving to us. By discerning that this wasn't my truth, but someone else's I could kick it to the curb. Now if I wanted to take it a step further, I could transmute that energy by using something like the Violet Flame prayers or “pushing” my energy of unconditional love into the situation (a skill you can learn in this book).

4) Expanding

Expanding is essential for manifesting and getting into alignment! You see it's really tough to manifest earning $250k annually as a blogger, if I only surround myself with bloggers making under $100k (their stories become a subconscious limiting belief for myself). However, when I talk with blogger's earning the income I want, or read books and articles about those bloggers, or see them speak at a conference, that expands my subconscious belief of what is possible. LBH, I won't have time or energy to find an “expander” or study expansive stories if I stay settled in my day-to-day relationships where everyone is griping about brands that don't pay.

Final thoughts on getting into the right mindset before you start manifesting

You see, being in the right mindset for manifesting, isn't about lighting a candle, saging your space, and then just sitting down to write some intentions and visualize what you want. It's about clearing your energy field of lower vibrational interactions, finding expanders to show you what's possible, and then keeping your vibrations at a high enough frequency so that you can actually receive what you're manifesting. This is not a practice you do in a day or even a week. It's a lifestyle shift that needs to happen and become a part of your daily life. It will shift, grow, and evolve with time and you'll find yourself going back and clearing out things you've already cleared!


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How to Get In The Right Mindset Before You Start Manifesting, mindset is everything quotes on monday, self development and growth success, abundance affirmations and lessons, how to use the law of attraction to get what you want like success