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back in the day, we were raised in tiny communities, given a purpose, and raised up through that purpose...

But today, limitless possibilities exist. And with all that freedom can come anxiety or stuckness.

So what if there was a road map to your soul's purpose? One that applies not only to a career, but relationships? conflicts? self talk? That's where the Through Line™ Session comes in. A road map for you (or your kids) about your life's theme using a hybrid of multiple readings collapsed down into a simple filter you can apply to all of life to break free from the confusion, and embrace who you came here to be.

Through Line Reading™

A purpose driven reading that layers in your Human Design, Western Astrology, Kabbalistic Astrology, and Cardology/Destiny Cards to determine your life's “through line” or “hero's journey” you're here to accomplish.

You'll walk away with a lens to view life through (or raise your kids with), practical tips, and questions to ask yourself to for daily application.

if you're ready to take a leap of faith and step into your power...

Intuitive Soul Reading

Using Soul Reading Method®, an intuitive practice designed to provide more clarity and depth to any area of your life, and my own unique background in counseling, shamanic practices, and mystical teachings, we'll explore current blockages and practical steps forward. 

NOTE: This session is for deep, powerful shifts. Clients typically should clear the remainder of their day to continue processing as we typically deconstruct massive perceptions/blocks that have been holding you back from your potential.

Human Design Reading

A look at your Human Design chart with practical tips for getting into alignment and using your gifts. 

NOTE: Readings are typically done in Tropical HD (traditional); however if you prefer to look at your sidereal (vedic) chart please note that. If you don't know what this means, ignore it.

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