7 Postpartum Secrets From Midwives You NEED To Know Before Giving Birth

Midwives have the best postpartum secrets that every new mom and seasoned mom needs to know! These are the best birth preparation tips my midwife gave me to make giving birth easier!

Birth Preparation Tips From Midwives:

PH strips!

If you don't know if you peed or are leaking amniotic fluid you can actually use pH strips to test! Normal vaginal pH is between 3.5-6 and then anything 6+ is generally amniotic fluid. Of course talk with your care provider and go to the hospital if you’re unsure. My midwives just gave me some to have on hand incase I needed or was unsure. My water happens to break like in the movies, giant gush, so I’ve never needed that but I know some friends who have peed themselves and gone to the hospital only to head back home. 


A little tincture that honestly works better than pain medication and cleaner too! Obviously at home you don't have the drugs, and that includes the stool softeners and tylenol or whatever they pass out. Whenever I started to feel a like things were more of a achy crampy in the recovery I’d add some to a glass of juice and I’d feel between within 15 minutes, if I didn’t I just took a little more.

Nori seaweed

At the hospital you get an ice pack, tuck pads, and dermoplast to spray on your perineal area and soothe things.

I had a second degree tear with both births. With both babies, I pushed for only a few minutes so I didn’t have any swelling but was recovering from stitches and just general recovery. And with my first baby I was all about the ice pack, tuck pads, and dermoplast to spray.

After this baby though, the midwife gave me a piece of seaweed to put down there.

It was SO strange but honestly was a really nice cooling effect. You just rip a piece about the size of two fingers, wet it, and smoosh it down there.

Well a few days in I ran out but my stitches were still healing and I could feel them so I grabbed a tucks pad, which I used with my first, only it burned the crap out of me! I tried the spray and omg it was so uncomfortable! So if you have sensitive skin or just prefer a cleaner product I 10/10 recommend nori seaweed now! It helps reduce swelling and heals things quite nice! 

Goldenseal powder

Add a little to dry the umbilical cord stump out quickly! Oh gosh the umbilical stump with my first was a nightmare! It was so gooey and I remember calling the pediatrician thinking it was infected and it was all crusty it was a nightmare.

The midwife gave me some goldenseal powder to sprinkle on the stump a few times a day and it dried out within like 24 hours and fell off in like a week. My daughter actually has an outie belly button now I think because of all the weird stuff that happened with her stump versus my sons who was just so clean. 

Coconut oil

Baby's initial poo is this black tar like consistency called meconium. Until that clears and regular poo comes in, rub some coconut oil all over their bum to make it easier to get off.

Safe sun to reduce jaundice likelihood

20 min indirect sunlight 1 or 2 times a day on the front and back. If you have a different blood type than baby, your risk of jaundice may be higher (ask your care provider about blood incompatibility and jaundice risk).

Random final birth preparation tips…

While these suggestions aren't from my midwives, I will say that as a mom of two and having done a home birth there are a few more helpful things to have on hand no matter how you give birth…

  1. The Hatch Scale: Pricier, but you don't need to by a changing pad, covers, or tray. So easy to clean AND it helps you with weighted feeds and understanding any feeding issues that may come up; all of which is valuable insight!
  2. Nose Frida: You may not need it right after giving birth but at some point in your baby's live you'll end up sucking some snot out and it's a helpful tool to have on hand
  3. Windi: Similar to the Nose Frida, hopefully you won't need it, but if you do, you'll be happy to use it! You do a little coconut oil massage on baby's belly, insert this into their butt hole and you'll likely hear a whistle (gas) or literally see the poop just start coming out! It's my go-to for gas relief!
  4. Stethoscope: Great little tool for family's. It's helpful to listen to your family's lungs when they are healthy, so you know what they sound like if there's something concern going on.
  5. Thermometer with eat attachment: Temp is one of the vitals they check in the hospital, so this is good to have if doing a home birth right away. Beyond that, it's a solid thermometer for raising kids!

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