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The Confused Millennial


A Podcast For The Multi-Passionate Millennial

Grab a cup of coffee, pop in your earbuds, and let's grow together! The Confused Millennial podcast isn't your average podcast. Yes, I do the traditional talk radio thing with amazing guests (think Shamans, Human Design experts, and leaders in personal growth) – but I also share mini life coaching style lessons with you guys based on my own experience. It's also where I dive deeper on topics coming up in my life… topics that I may only gloss over on the blog, IG, or Youtubes. It's all about helping you embrace more of who you are while expanding.

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Fun Facts

Human design: manifesting generator

When I get stuck on a food, it's all I eat for weeks... currently inhaling cucumbers

I'm a mermaid. Haven't lived more than 3 miles from the beach in over a decade.

Astrology: cancer sun, scorpio rising, aquarius moon

Words I live by: All your questions deserve to be answered, all your answers deserved to be questioned.

about Rachel

my story in a nutshell

I went to college, got my degree – went to grad school, got another degree – landed my dream job earning almost $10k more per year than colleagues that had been there for two years – only to feel totally miserable. Sounds messed up, right?
I fell into a full on quarter life crisis; completely lost when it came to my future. In fact, I was such a Debbie Downer that I got fired for being so miserable to work with. Always the Type-A overachiever, the day I got fired, I landed a new job… only get fired again three weeks later (more on that here!)
After that, I decided to go into business for myself and ended up becoming The Confused Millennial for 4 years… earning 6 figures, supporting my family, and living my dream at the time. But after having my daughter, the name no longer felt right. I knew I needed to become The Confused Mom to help out other mama’s going through this crazy journey of motherhood… but also to help out the future mama’s who are scared, like I was, learn to reparent themselves and heal their family stories.

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