040: Twin Flame, Karmic Ties, & Ancestral Healing with Cheryl Muir

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Cheryl Muir is a twin flame guide, life coach, and all around gifted soul. She joins me to talk all about the twin flame, karmic ties, healing wounds from past lives, and so much more. What I think I love the most about the episode is how practical it is! Yes, we talk about woo-woo or spiritual concepts, but we more than that, we focus on how to take that knowledge and awareness and actually use it to heal and transform your life. Because LBH, we don't want to go through any more lifetimes repeating these mistakes, amiright?! 



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  • What is a twin flame?
  • How are twin flames different than soul mates?
  • What are karmic ties and how they relate to past lives
  • How we can heal wounds from past lives and why it's important
  • Specifics on grounding yourself and integrating this work into your soul in the present



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