017: The Struggle Of Adulting [+ How We Survive It

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In this episode, we decided to revisit the topic of adulting and having no agenda for the day, we looked into our own shortcomings and struggles we face while adulting in different aspects of our lives.

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In this episode we cover

  • The struggle of adulting
  • Outsourcing: How, why and when to outsource chores and tasks in your life
  • The Cost Per Happiness Formula
  • Keeping yourself organized, motivated, eating healthy and keeping fit
  • How I got into teaching life skills in my 20s
  • Finding ways to stay motivated and work through the struggle
    • Taking walks along the beach in the morning
    • Sleeping well
    • Doing workouts, running, swimming
    • How to keep everything in balance through budgeting 
  • How to find things you can outsource in your life so that you can create more time for other more important stuff


Learning how to let myself live, learning how to let myself be happy and learning how to spend some money now and then …gave me life

Life is designed to let me answer things quickly and move onto other things

The [Adulting] Life is real for everyone…that’s the moral of that story

It’s okay. You should be able to laugh at your mistakes and the things you did then that are funny now


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