026: Spirit Guides: What Are They, How To Work With Them, & Why You Need To with Natalie Miles

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Last week we talked with Natalie Miles, a gifted psychic, medium, Spiritual Guide, and mentor all about developing our mediumship and intuition! Today she's back to share her gifts and teach us how to connect with our spirit guides!! Our spirit guides are here to help us and learning to work with them can be invaluable!

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  • How to tell if you're being guided by your spirit guides or hearing your guides
  • How to make the distinction between your own thoughts in your head, and being guided by spirit
  • What it may feel like in your body when you're connecting with spirit
  • Learning the energy of your spirit guides
  • The importance of building a relationship with your spirit guides
  • Learning to listen to your guides to get the message early on so growth and evolution doesn't have to be a struggle or painful
  • How friendships and relationships change as you connect more to yourself and your intuition
  • A little about Natalie's Saturn Return
  • The Soul Upgrade: upgrading your current situation, gaining insight, and getting a little taste of all the things Spirit has to offer
  • The Mediumship Upgrade: connecting with a loved one or spirit that's no longer in the physical realm
  • The Past Life Upgrade: clearing trauma and wounds from past lives you're still carrying with you



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