037: Starting A Company In College with Rajia Abdelaziz, CEO of InvisaWear

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Today's episode is with Rajia Abdelaziz, the 25 year-old co-founder and CEO of Invisawear. Invisawear is a smart jewelry and accessory with hidden safety technology inside, where with just two clicks it sends an S.O.S. alert to up to five people in your network and it can also contact 9-1-1. In the episode I talk with Rajia about how she got started with launching the company while still in college studying electrical engineering and computer science, her decision to go forward with the company upon graduating instead of taking an opportunity with Google, and working through all that comes with being a young women in the tech world raising capital and going against your parents initial vision for you. She’s also been named by BostInno as one of their 25 under 25 recipients.

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In this episode we cover:

– What is Invisawear and how it’s saving lives

– How Rajia started her company during a class in college

– The decision to move forward with her company instead of an opportunity at Google

– What it’s like raising money as a young woman

– How to effectively handle feedback

– Growing your network, mentorship, and more



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