023: Our Pregnancy Journey!

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The most adulting thing we’ve ever done… we’re pregnant! That’s right! Eric joins me in this exciting and personal episode to break the news and share our pregnancy journey. We also explain a lot in terms of why he hasn’t been on the show as much lately, why I was so tired and thinking about shutting down the podcast, and so much more.

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  • Going off birth control
  • Trying to not trying
  • Thinking we wouldn’t get pregnant for a year
  • My fears around pregnancy and having kids
  • Finding out I was pregnant
  • Navigating the healthcare system and finding providers
  • Deciding between a hospital and home birth
  • Questions to ask your midwife, doctor, hospital to find the best fit
  • What is a doula and why we’re hiring one
  • The baby’s relationship to my Saturn Return



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