029: Manifesting, Money & The Divine Feminine with Caty Pasternak

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This week’s guest is Caty Pasternak. Caty is a Women’s Leadership Coach and podcaster. She is all about opening up new levels of evolution to turn our souls on! We cover a lot of ground in this episode from the Divine Feminine, understanding money blocks and messages, to the science behind manifestation and creating in the quantum field! You’ll leave with tons of actionable practices to begin using in your daily life!


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  • What is the Divine Feminine?
  • How the wounded feminine plays out in our lives
  • Tips for understanding your own money mindset and how it’s helping or holding you back
  • The science behind manifestation
  • Creating in the quantum field
  • Understanding our soul lessons
  • The types of people we should aim to surround ourselves with
  • How to up level your life




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