046: Manifesting, Ghosts, & Self Awareness

manifesting, ghosts, and self awareness. How these things relate to our evolution and development and how psych-k can be a useful tool in navigating our shadow self, the use of spiritual techniques like shamanism in our lives and raising children, #spirituality, #selfhelppodcast, #millennialpodcast, #manifesting, #selfawareness

Manifesting, ghosts, self-awareness, OH MY! In today’s episode I’m joined by Natalie and Jenna Hayes. Natalie is a Psych-K facilitator and she’s here to talk about limiting beliefs and transmuting the subconscious mind. We talk about how our subconscious mind can spoil our manifesting efforts. Then Jenna and Natalie share their experiences with tapping into their gifts and clearing their home of an entity. We circle back to how all of this relates to self awareness and how self awareness can be used as the ultimate tool in creating a life you love.

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  • What is Psych-k?
  • How we sabotage our manifesting efforts
  • Balancing our limiting beliefs, homes, relationships, businesses and more
  • Clearing our homes of negative entities
  • How self-awareness is the key to enacting change and the importance of using it, not just sitting with it
  • Breaking the old constructs of an apology and communication in our society



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Mental Health #RealTalk with Cheryl Muir, mental health podcast on personal development and growth for millennial women struggling with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, alcoholism, drugs, sex, and more, self help podcast for a woman, #selfhelppodcast, #personalgrowth, #personaldevelopment, #selfcare, #mentalhealth, #depression, #anxiety
Mental Health #RealTalk with Cheryl Muir