35: Navigating Relationships, Sex, and Work-Life Balance with Jennifer Miller and Jason Feifer

Navigating Relationships, Sex, & Work-Life Balance with Jennifer Miller and Jason Feifer, Mr. Nice Guy

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Married couple Jennifer Miller and Jason Feifer recently published Mr. Nice Guy, a provocative rom-com set in the world of Manhattan publishing that Cosmopolitan calls “incredibly funny and fiendishly smart.” In the novel, two people sleep together each week and then review each other’s sexual performance in competing magazine columns. Jennifer is a journalist for the New York Times and Washington Post among other publications. Jason is editor-in-chief of Entrepreneur magazine. They live in Brooklyn with their 3-year- old son and a baby on the way.

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  • Growing their careers in a the challenging publishing/media world
  • Advocating for yourself in your career and learning the lessons from each experience while pivoting and growing
  • Writing Mr. Nice Guy where the two character critique each others sexual performance in national magazines each week and how to navigate the writing process when pulling from real life people and experiences
  • How to know when it's time to quit
  • Work-life balance: does it exist when you live in the high pressure / face paced world of NYC, with a three year old, baby on the way, promoting a new novel, and maintaining all the other responsibilities of a job and freelancing, home, and relationship


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