025: Tapping Into Your Intuition & Mediumship with Natalie Miles

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Natalie Miles is a gifted psychic, medium, Spiritual Guide, and mentor whose mission is to support ones spiritual journey by sharing, The Spirit Upgrade. She really works to help connect people to their guides to heal the past and empower your future. Natalie first connected with her own Spirit Guide at five years old! In her teens she developed her skills – and then she fell into the matrix like so many and worked in film for 10 years before realizing she couldn't ignore the calling of her spiritual gifts and began working full-time with Spirit as a psychic and a medium.

Natalie is amazing, and goes so far beyond being just a psychic and a medium – after my session with her I felt like I had just left both intensive therapy and a life coaching session? I felt inspired, clear, and also a bit in awe at some of the revelations. In this episode she breaks down how you can connect with your guides, why this work matters, tapping into mediumship, and so much more!

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  • What is mediumship?
  • How can people tell if they are being tapped to become a medium
  • Creating space and boundaries between yourself and spirits trying to get messages to you
  • Growing up in an intuitive family
  • The different ways to receive information from spirits
  • Working through shame and fear around using spiritual gifts
  • Turning off our intuition and gifts as we get lost in the daily grind
  • Why past life work is so important



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