036: Gratitude: 6 Ways To Practice It During Chaotic Times

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Happy Thanksgiving Week! Today I'm joined by my husband and we are talking all about gratitude! Gratitude is so much more than a “thank you” when someone does something for you or gifts you something. It's a positive emotion that can spread like wildfire when cultivated! We are going to share some of the ways we practice gratitude in our life (hint: it's more than lists and journals!), what prompted us down this path, and a gratitude challenge for you this week! If you want a longer challenge, check out my 30 day gratitude challenge here.




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  • What is gratitude?
  • How to handle gifts and things you don't want during the holidays while still expressing gratitude
  • How to bring the energy of gratitude towards things you're struggling with
  • The importance of shifting your focus from a negative to a positive using gratitude (and how to do it)
  • Finding the lesson in any situation to cultivate more gratitude
  • The importance of compliments
  • Rachel's challenge for you this week: remove yourself from any gossip, complaining, or criticizing conversations or transmute the conversation by using this tactic for combating negativity with love
  • Eric's challenge for you this week: stand up and say out loud one thing you're truly grateful for that you've been struggling with, go deep!



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