041: Goal Setting & Productivity with Katherine McDermott of Slightly Savvy

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Feeling yourself losing steam on your New Years Resolutions or all the #goals you'd been dreaming about to make 2019 “the best year ever!?” Trust, you are not alone! Today I've enlisted Katherine McDermott from Slightly Savvy PR to give us all a kick in the butt! She's one of the most organized people I know, her systems, automation, and workflow will totally change up how you run your life (yes, LIFE; these tips stretch far beyond your career or business).



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  • Mindset and goal setting
  • How to authentically show up to your goals to be the most productive
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goals and what to do if they don't work for you
  • Tips for staying motivated and on track when you feel yourself losing steam
  • Tools, systems, and automations to put in place to make you more productive than ever


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