032: Becoming Your Whole Self With Alexi Panos

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Alexi Panos is a power house! We talk about how she went from signing with Murder Inc. to becoming a leading voice in the personal development space. She first started a non profit, E.P.I.C in Africa, and over the years has built her empire to include life coaching, youtube videos, an amazing Instagram, international speaking engagements and workshops. She has to books published, 50 Ways To Yay! and Now Or Never which she co-authored with her husband, previous podcast guest, Preston Smiles.



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  • Getting signed with Murder Inc. at a young age and how that led to the first step in her “awakening”
  • How to be of service (and how you may be without realizing it!)
  • What is a life coach? And how to vet a life coach
  • Understanding Gestalt techniques, what it means, how to apply it to your life
  • Taking responsibility for healing our wounds
  • Adapting (and not adapting) one's lifestyle after having kids
  • How to avoid the quarter life and mid life crises
  • Co-creating agreements in your life: what it means, how to do it, and an example of what it sounds like



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