044: Akashic Records, Intuition, & Children with Ashley Wood

Akashic Records, Intuition, & Children with Ashley Wood, how to access past lives, spirit guides, and psychic abilities, consciousness, wisdom, #akashicrecords, #consciousness, #spirituality, #wellness, #spiritualitypodcast, #selfhelppodcast

Ashley is an International Akashic Records Reader, psychic and intuitive guide. She uses the Records to inspire, guide and teach people from around the world to ignite their intuition and re-connect to their authentic self. In this episode we cover her journey to rediscovering her gifts and how they impact her life today.

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  • What is are the Akashic Records?
  • How Ashley rediscovered her gifts
  • Setting up boundaries with spirits
  • Tapping into your intuition
  • What are indigio children and crystal children?


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