PiperWai Natural Deodorant Review

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Looking for a natural or organic deodorant? Tired of putting toxins on your body? Interested in Piperwai from ABC's Shark Tank? Check out my product review of PiperWai Natural Deodorant Review — The Confused Millennial


You may have seen PiperWai on ABC's The Shark Tank:

It's an all natural deodorant packed with essential oils and made with activated charcoal that claims to absorb wetness.

I was so excited when it arrived! I waited like a month, which I expected since I ordered it shortly after the Shark Tank craze and most products take a while after that.



The little jars it comes in are cute, and I was pleasantly surprised by the smell when I opened the container. It really does smell like a spa (which they claim on their site)! It's a neutral smell that could work for men or women.

The texture is a little odd, harder than a cream… softer than a paste. This only comes in the jars, no sticks, so you are either dipping your finger or using a make up spatula to spread it under your arms. I used my finger and took out a pea size amount (which is what they recommend), and rubbed it into my arm pits. It rubs in and spreads very easily and smoothly.

I was so excited to see how this works! I have struggled with serious sweat and sometimes some B.O my entire life and have really wanted a natural solution that would work for me…



Overall I like the product… I wore this product everyday for the last couple of weeks in different types of scenarios/weather so I will break it down as such:

– All day inside no workout: Works well, dry, neutral smell… starting to get questionable around the 7-8 hour mark.

– Most of the day inside with a short walk in the evening: Good overall. Started to smell a little around the 6 hour mark.

– All day outside in the shade: This was tough to review… it wasn't bad, but it wasn't good. It was a little worse than neutral in terms of wetness and smell… but probably not noticeable to anyone else other than me, and I only noticed because I was heavily monitoring it for this review. Probably should reapply after 5 hours.

– All day inside with a workout outside: Bad & smelly post-workout. Definitely need to reapply after workout.

– All day outside + work out: I spent the day working on a cool and shady patio followed by a work out. This was not good. Bad. Smelly. Wet. Need to reapply after 4 hours pre-workout (but didn't for this test).

I don't know how people claim they didn't need to reapply after 12 hours… In every condition I would need to reapply after 4-8 hours. Granted, I think I am a sweatier person than most…

In short: Overall I liked it, but a lot of that has to do with it being a natural deodorant. It didn't hold up well with being outside or workouts, but does really well and smells great if I am inside all day.  I am on the fence about re-ordering this. It's kind of expensive (and with how much I need to reapply I think I will go through it pretty quick) and I really wish it was a stick.

UPDATE: Okay, so I've been using it for a few months now. I noticed if I apply more of a nickel size, not a pea size like they recommend, it really does work great! No smell at all, keeps me feeling dry, and I really do love it! 

I think I am going to try some other natural deodorants… any suggestions?

With love,