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navigating this whole "adulting" thing

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hey friend!

I'm Rachel! Founder of TCM!, former mental health and substance abuse counselor turned self care crusader, financial literacy advocate, millennial expert, blog consulting whiz, and girl mom.

Some would say I'm a multi-passionate millennial mama... and my guess? You aren't just *one* thing either.

Discover how I went from fired twice in a month, to 6 figures in my business; while overcoming depression + anxiety, having a baby, buying a house, + being the sole income earner here!

Think of TCM as your cozy corner on the interwebs where your dreams take a step out of your head + go IRL.

Trust me, I don’t know everything, but I've been in the trenches of mastering my money while prioritizing my mental well-being and learning the ropes of this whole "momming" thing!

I'm here to help you reconnect to who you are + enjoy this whole motherhood/life thing more than you already do!

Big dreams aren't just for the stars, so let's tackle parenthood, personal growth, finance, home, and even career dreams together! If I can do it, I promise, you can too. So throw on your least sexy loungewear, cozy up in your fave chair, + let’s chat!

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