How To Make An Origami Christmas Tree Garland: Under $2 Cheap, Easy, Dollar Tree DIY

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Today's holiday garland is an easy step by step tutorial for an origami Christmas Tree garland! You can honestly just make the origami Christmas Trees and display them around your house too if you don't want to make it a garland! They are a great holiday craft for kids too! And they're ultra festive and fun!

This DIY holiday garland is part of a three part series on holiday garlands that you can make from the Dollar Tree or equivalent!! I'm really excited to bring you these cheap and easy DIYs to make your home or space look extra festive this holiday season! All of the garlands in this series can be made with just a few supplies from the Dollar Tree or supplies that are under a dollar from a craft store. 

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How To Make An Origami Christmas Tree Garland: Under $2 Cheap, Easy, Dollar Tree DIY

Origami Christmas Tree Garland Supplies:

  • Paper
  • Scissor
  • Hole Punch
  • String/Twine

Step 1: Make your paper square

If you're starting with square sheets of paper, you can skip this step. I started with regular construction paper, so I had to start by folding the corner of the paper over, to make it a square and then cutting off the excess on the bottom.

origami christmas tree garland step by step tutorial

Step 2: Fold Diagonals

So if you did the first step, you already have your first diagonal fold. Now you'll cross over and fold the other diagonal, corner to corner. Make sure you creases are really good. Unfold after each fold.

Step 3: Down the middle fold (2x)

Now you're going to fold the sheet of paper in half. Crease it well and unfold. Now you're going to turn your paper 90 degrees and repeat the fold in half.

At this point, your paper should look like the photo below. It should have a line going down the middle of the sheet going both ways, and an X to each diagonal. 

Step 4: Frog Head

If you ever made origami frogs growing up, you'll remember this move. You're basically going to push one of the horizontal lines inward so you create a triangle. It may help to flip your paper over, and fold it in half on the opposite side. See the video for this step in particular since it's kind of hard to explain written out. You should be left with an isosceles triangle. Press your creases down well here again.

Step 5: Making your “tree” face

Take one leg of your triangle, point it directly up to the ceiling, while holding the rest of the triangle flat on the table. Now you'll kind of fluff out the center while pressing it down centered (see video). Ultimately you'll be creating a kite shape. Fold the kite shape in half, back and forth to get good creases. Then fold it in half so the two sides are kissing, and repeat the steps on the next leg. At a certain point, you'll need to shift some of the paper over to the side because it will all be on one side and make it difficult. The video is VERY helpful here and you can slow it down to half speed. 

Step 6: Cut the kite wings off

Once all your legs are folded into the tree frame, you'll cut the wings off the bottom. 

Step 7: Cut your branches

You'll want to make three cuts on each side of your “tree.” The cuts should be horizontal, but not all the way through. 

Step 8: Fold your branches

Next, fold down the top of the cut branches to the base, creating a triangle shape. Repeat on each of the tree faces. Fold in the same direction and crease well. 

If you're just making trees to display, you're done! Just fluff open your tree faces. If you're making trees for garland, read on! 

Step 9: Punch a hole at the top center (tree garland only)

If you're making this into a garland, you'll place the top of your tree into a hole punch and make a hole. Make sure the tree is in all the. It's better to be a touch lower and centered, than too high that you punch a hole on the edge of the paper. 

Step 10: String and knot your trees (garland only)

Next you'll string your tree garland onto your twine. When you get it where you want it, just tie a knot. Don't tighten it too much as you'll risk ripping the paper. A light base cross over tie will hold it in place. 

Fluff open your trees, hang your garland, and enjoy! 


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